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Great first day, went to the gym, and worked in around chores so didn't find a way to sabotage this, put walking app on phone wow, couldn't believe how little (other than the gym) I was moving, so will do things like park further away at work, shopping, supermarket, school runs so I walk a bit more it will all add up, counted the calories I ate, which made me think more about what I was putting in my mouth (did I really need that rice cake with peanut butter on - NO - so I didn't have it), went out to a party and didn't eat any of those little canapés and just one glass of fizzy not any more.

So on my way, although I know there are days when I will fall off, and it's easier at the weekend to be disciplined, so I need to plan better. Today I aim to write a meal plan for next week and stick to it.

I don't weigh myself, I never have, it's about how I feel and if clothes are tight that make the difference for me, though I may jump on the scales next week in the gym (if I dare).

Off to the cinema today, so will be taking my own fruit snacks and will skip that lovely buttery toffee flavoured pop-corn!

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Welcome, a good start, scales indicate where you are, body wise, often me or my clothes don't reflect that!

Today for example I feel a bit bloated, hate that feeling, and yet it will pass.

Weigh and measure foods, we get a distorted view of portion sizes, eating out and the American view of portions.........personally I'd like us all to go back to 70s British portions, normal you know.

Good luck with your food/ diet plan, check and Google stuff it can reflect some interesting facts.

Take care x


Hi and welcome Dorset (can't call you fattie :) ),

Sounds like you're in a great head space - I'm a great believer in writing things down :)

With your positive attitude, you can't fail to lose :)


Hi Dorset...welcome to the forum...sounds like you've got a pla.

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Great first day DF :) I also didn't used to weigh myself but I had to start doing it, to motivate myself to actually make a difference, and now I weigh myself every week. Another good thing to do at the start is measure your waist. Some people also measure chest, hips, upper arms and thighs. If you have a record of where you started you'll really feel the achievements further down the line. Good luck with your planning :)

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