How its going

I have managed to lose 3lbs but not fully on a good healthy diet as yet,family gathering of 16 yesterday and I feel I did well.being busy did help keep my eyes off the treats but not completely,I am not being too obsessed ,more awareness this time around as I am starting to see the pitfalls and then the craving for sweet stuff reappears so quickly and I lose all reserve,hope you are all doing ok ,the posts really help my motivation ,thank you


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5 Replies

  • Hi Scrit1, well done losing those 3 lbs. I lost 1 lb at Sat's weigh in, but hoping to see 2 lbs off this week. Keep up the good work 3 lbs is a really good loss :-)

  • To lose 3lb when you're not 100% on the wagon, is fantastic, well done you :)

  • well done! moderation is still good! my diet isn't completely healthy yet but more than it was and im losing weight

    im not saying no to every bad bit of food so I don't want all the bad food either, nothing is banned in my house but my self control has increased and the multipack bag of crisps that would normally last 2-3days is lasting 2 weeks

  • Hi Scrit,

    Sounds like a good result to me, and a family gathering,😃. I was just saying last week why does family gatherings always involve food and evil lurks 😈

    Stay with it especially when temptation wins, you will get there.


  • I am on holiday next week ,in Ireland and my family love food as think there is something wrong with you if you dont like the carbs ,so bread and potato on the menu in their house plenty,will have to keep the effort up,wish you all the best week and thank you for the continuing support

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