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Opinions on Fitbit


I am just wondering if any one on here is using or has used a fit bit I am really looking forward to getting one but wondered if they actually help or not. I have used the free app to help log my eating and that has really helped so now i am interested in getting the product to go with the app. There not exactly cheap so just making sure before I go ahead with the purchase :)

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I have used pedometers for many years and have had a Fitbit Flex for almost 2 years and have found it indispensible. The app is very straightforward to use. There is a Premium service to buy in but I do not believe that you need to get it.

Just be sure to get the model best suited to your needs and your pocket.

P.S. I am 67 and really enjoy using techie stuff such as Fitbit and my iPad.

Enjoy your purchase!


I've had my Fitbit flex since end of April and it really motivated me to get walking more. I use my heart rate monitor in gym and for exercise classes but like the flex as you can get different wrist bands for it 😀

I started with the app on my phone for counting steps but found it inaccurate as I did always have my phone on me. The fitbit is great at motivating you to walk more. I also like the fact you can track your walk/hike or run. The more you move the more calories you 'earn'. It tells you when you're in your zone, calories in verses' calories out. You can also link to other friends with a fitbit and set daily or weekly challenges. When you've reached your goal it vibrates on your wrist, which is a bit of a shock at first, and then gives you a well done! It has to be charged everyday but full charge doesn't take long, couple of hours at the most.


I love my fitbit, - i don't really track the food or water, but use the other tracking features. its good, not sure if its totally accurate on everything but I don't think it matters, its about measuring the trends and comparisons between days rather than the actual value.... If you have young kids, its also good to keep track of how good a nights kip you get.....

I've had mine since the end of august and think it's fantastic. If I'm only at 8000 steps when i get home from work it gives me that extra bit of motivation to keep walking round the house a bit more, and it sounds stupid but earning the various badges for daily steps and weight losses is something to look forward to as well! The other thing is that I've not told anyone I'm dieting but they do all know that i have a fitbit and am trying to walk more so they all ask me how many dots I'm at (one per 2000steps) whenever they see me so i feel a bit compelled to have a respectable number. It's just a pedometer really but i have found that having something round my wrist acts as a constant reminder to keep going

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Hi, I have heard good things about fitbits :) But I decided to go with a GPS watch as I wanted to track my distance and challenge myself that way. I love my watch and I am sure without it I wouldn't have made so much progress. So I guess it depends what you want your new gadget to do.

Whatever you decide, enjoy your new toy :)

I wore my Fitbit Zip daily for 2 years and when it stopped working I was distraught so rushed out to buy a Fitbit One which I totally love. Discrete, accurate and motivating.

I have a Fitbit charge HR. Which is really good because it tracks your heart rate it is ment to be more accurate on the amount of calories you burn. You can also log any exercise you do. Or set the timer on the watch when you start. I use my fitness pal to log food and link them both together. The Fitbit takes the information from my fitness pal. Boots where selling them a while back for £109.

I have a fitbit surge now after my jawbone UP band died. Not sure what to make of it so far, seems a tad inaccurate with the calories burned but I like the heart rate monitor..my heart rate is so high I spend most my time in a fat burning zone lol

it's good to have though, motivating

I have a Garmin vivofit 1 and love it. I wear it as a watch, it tells me the steps walked, steps left until goal, time, date, distance etc at the click of a button and I can attach it to the heart rate monitor for work outs. At £59 I found it reasonable and it really gets me going with walking 🚶 and exercising 😏

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