Staying on track despite complete change to routine

It's been an intense week, complete change to my routine with my new job meaning all my mornings were really rushed, but I still managed to do two runs and made healthy packed lunches every day. Evenings were another matter, as I definitely succumbed to a bit of wine during the week, which was not my intention. But this was confined to Wednesday - I was good on Thurs eve, to make sure I could go for a run on Friday morning before work. Trafford1's invaluable encouragement on here then actually got me out of the door and running (thanks!). On Friday eve we were round at friends for a dinner party, where although I was careful I'm sure I went a tiny bit over a healthy amount of calories. I also had two glasses of wine (and really enjoyed it). I was definitely letting my hair down. Hopefully the scales won't reflect this...

I'm still getting used to the feeling of being at my goal weight now. I can wear smart skirts and tops without feeling as self-conscious anymore, so I felt like I fitted in at the new office okay. Also, being a slim person eating salad lunches gives out different signals than being an overweight person eating salad lunches. It's annoying but when you don't look like you need to lose weight anymore, people don't assume you're 'on a diet' - they just see you as a healthy person. So this has turned out well - I don't feel too self-conscious being a healthy salad lunch person.

I made the following healthy lunches:

Monday: sandwiches made with spelt bread (although decided this didn't agree with my stomach so have left the rest in the freezer for my boyfriend) - filling was hummous, avocado, rocket and cherry tomato.

Tues, Wed & Thurs: hummous, oatcakes and salad (rocket, red pepper, cherry tomato, avocado and sugar snaps)

Friday: potato salad with grated boiled egg, with roast veg, chick peas and rocket (and the same is in the fridge at work for Monday's lunch too)

(The last one was an absolute inspiration. I had leftover roast veg in a tupperware box in the freezer. I'd made the potato salad with grated egg the night before, but while I was out for my early Friday run it occurred to me to add some tinned chickpeas to the roast veg and take that and the rest of my bag of rocket with the potato salad. Then, instead of having the whole potato salad for lunch, I had half the potato salad and half the roast veg and chickpeas, and saved the other half for Monday. This also solved the problem of being at my boyfriend's this weekend where there aren't many ingredients for making a packed lunch for Monday.)

I also took snacks for each day: clementines, eat natural bar, or nature valley crunchy bars, as well as different herbal tea bags so I had variation each day. I want to make some of my own natural snacks this week - didn't have time this week hence the eat natural bars etc, which are great but quite expensive so can't keep this up.

I turned down: mini kinder bars and a strawberry cream cake. I expect to have to turn down lots more similar items - I guess this is typical for offices!

Next week I'll aim to do 3 runs instead of 2, to cycle to work at least once during the week (aiming to do this on Tuesday) and keep up the healthy lunches. I also want to make some healthy apple flapjacks or similar to top up my snack supplies. I need to get my evenings more on track. But overall I feel I'm managing well in the face of a massive change to my usual routines.

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25 Replies

  • Hi Ruth,

    So pleased your week has gone well, you are so well planned. Loved the lunch ideas I've copied them down!

    It's all down to life balance, but sometimes it's easier than others😃

    Enjoy your week and it sounds like you are managing your life changes no probs, watch out for a bit fatigue over the next few weeks, but I know you will deal with it as it comes.


  • Thanks Flossie - yes good point re the fatigue - I've been massively catching up on sleep - and struggling to make sure I get to bed early enough too. Luckily the office has a good supply of coffee!

    Glad the lunch ideas appealed to you. I really recommend the grated egg on top of potato salad. I mixed chopped gherkins in too. Next time I make roast veg I'm going to put a few portions in the freezer again - as they really made the lunch a million times more exciting too.

    Hope your weekend's going well - did you go for your walk yesterday? We went for a walk on Hampstead Heath yesterday which isn't too far from where my bf lives, it was really pretty with the autumn leaves, but a bit damp...

  • Hi Ruth,

    Yes, visited Woodhorn and the poppy display was fab. We then had a lovely walk at a Newbiggen by the sea, very bracing but there's so much pleasure to be had in simple things😃 Oh and a small cherry and almond scone, no butter in a local coffee shop, all counted !!

    I never knew could freeze roasted veg, yet something else to try😃

    It's a bit dull here today and nippy to say the least, the dog did not know the hour had changed and he was ready for off at 6 am !!! so I was up and off, but again we had a lovely stroll.

    Life is all good


  • Oh no 6am walks! I was all over the place last night, awake for ages at 3am, then slept in til 8.30 (which was quite late, would have been 9.30 yesterday). But I feel rested now, and hopefully those early morning starts will be less of a challenge this week.

    I don't think I'd frozen roasted veg before, but it worked well, and the taste was really good on top of some salad leaves. My roasted veg was mixed peppers, red onion, butternut squash, parsnip and aubergine. Obviously you can put pretty much anything in though. I'll definitely be making more this week :)

  • Hi Ruth, sounds like you've really done well this week when faced with such a massive change.

    You have to be able to let your air down now and again so I'm glad you had a good time on Friday evening. It is the challenge of maintaining - enjoying life without going mad and piling on the weight back on.

    I am glad you feel so much more comfortable in your new body and feel less judged (when eating your salad).

    New job & new you - must be time for a new hair style! ;)

    Hope you have another good week :)

  • Thanks Sueper. I was thinking of cutting my hair actually! Also thinking about getting new glasses, as my old ones are quite scratched and keep slipping down my nose.

    I've tried to tell myself that the less than perfect evenings this week were part and parcel with adapting to the new routine. Hopefully this will all come together eventually without resulting in any weight gain, or weight gain that can't be easily reversed anyway. Hope you have an excellent week too :)

  • Hi Ruth, sounds like you've done really well, I'm sure it's your pre planning which has been a big factor in this, it's hard to find the time to do it when you're busy but so worth it! Hope the new job continues to go well☀️

  • The planning seems to be key. I had to work out what I even needed to plan for this week. Next week I'll be a bit more prepared, then a bit more prepared still the week after, etc etc... Hope you have a good week too :)

  • Hi Ruth, gosh, you have taken my breath away!! You sound totally in control and totally loving it, as you deserve to be. Your comment about the overweight/not overweight and healthy lunches is very insightful. How many times I have had a salad and been asked if I am dieting, well let's just say I could probably afford a nice carribean holiday if I had a pound for every comment, look and raised eyebrows. On the other hand, my younger 'salad junkie' very slender sister would only be able to look at a brochure of said carribean holiday if she were to be given a pound for every comment! As you say the size of the 'salad muncher' seems to effect the view of the observer.

    You do sound as if you are enjoying your new job, so glad things worked out for you. Have a fabby week ahead hunny 😊

  • Thanks Shellie! I'm so not in control as you might think... I was pretty knackered each evening so not as disciplined as usual for my dinners. Re salad munching I did get one comment about being 'healthy' with my food, but I think as long as your healthy lunch looks delicious then people tend to be more jealous than mocking. I think half the problem is feeling self-conscious. Feeling relieved it's gone okay so far. After working from home for months it feels weird to eat my lunch in front of people every day. But I think it's working okay so far :)

  • Hi Ruth,

    It's so good to hear that your new job is going well and great that you're enjoying your new slimmer figure. It was good to read about the content of your lunches. They all sound really delicious and healthy.

    I've just this minute finished making two Banana fruit cakes - as per your adapted recipe - looking forward to one delicious slice with a cup of tea mid afternoon. I can already smell the lovely scent of baked bananas. I've done lots of exercise this morning, as I did 2 and a half hours of cleaning followed by an hour and a half of walking, and really enjoyed both - yes, I even enjoyed the cleaning! Lovely to have a clean and tidy place again...! :-)

    I am so glad that you are enjoying your new office, and that you had a good first week at work - I hope next week will be similarly good, and I'll catch up with you at tomorrow's weigh-in.

    Good luck for the weigh-in! :-)

    Lowcal :-)

  • Ooh - can you spare me one of those banana cakes? I keep meaning to make some more. That's so on my to-do list this week :) That's cool you've done loads of exercise - sounds like you've got the weekends really under control at the moment. Good luck for tomorrow's weigh-in! Hope to join you on the thread tomorrow either before or after work, but will have to weigh in on Tuesday when I'm back home (been at my bf's all weekend).

  • Hi Ruth,

    Considering this has been your first week, you sound extremely organised and on the ball and the great thing is, that it will only get easier.

    As the weather gets chillier, salads for lunch may not be as appealing, so I'm wondering if there's a microwave at your new office. I'm a lover of soups, including roasted veg soup and of course they're ideal for batch cooking and freezing.

    I am so pleased that after such a long and anxious wait, you've finally found yourself a job and even better, you've managed to successfully integrate work with your healthy lifestyle.

    By refusing unhealthy snacks and eating delicious, planned, healthy lunches, you're the one to be emulated and the face fillers are the ones to be embarrassed. Go you!! :)

    All the best for your continued success, both in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and as a super smart working woman.

  • There is a microwave and people use it in a range of ways, so I've been getting some ideas. One lady seems to have egg-cooking down to a fine art, she can fry/boil them etc. I thought they'd just explode! Another guy brought in veg and chicken stew in a big tupperware and heated up a bit each day with a jacket potato. Soup is definitely a good plan. Hadn't thought of roast veg soup - but I know a great sweet potato and coconut soup recipe - might start experimenting soon :)

  • Well done Ruth. It's all sounding good.

    We're big fans of left over roast veg and sometimes use them in an omelette, which can be eaten hot for breakfast, or cold, as a lunch.

    Perhaps try some quinoa with salad/veg for lunch, it has a reasonable protein content with a slightly nutty taste.

  • I like quinoa, but have run out at the moment. It's a good couscous replacement, I like mixing stuff with it, e.g. fried onion, chopped peanuts, herbs etc. I need to get my protein any way I can...

  • Ooo your lunches sound delish! I don't work, so have lots of time to make yummy lunches but I never do - I am the queen of boring sarnies! When I was losing all the weight 11 years ago and I worked in an office, I used to take great lunches in - lots of cold chicken and salad and sardines as I recall. I also used to take a fruit salad with lots of lime juice on for my afternoon energy slump and it really perked me up. Homemade soups are brilliant for office lunches too - if you don't have a microwave, invest in a soup thermos. Yum!

    I was wasting time drinking tea in McDonalds while I was waiting for some for some printing to be done the other day and without exception all the overweight people were chowing down on massive breakfasts and all the thin people were just having a cuppa and reading the papers. Just made me think!

  • The afternoon slump is so much worse in an office! I think if I can solve that then I'll be more in control in the evenings. Might try fruit salads then, thanks :)

  • Thanks Ruth I sooo needed to read this after returning from weeks holiday where I only managed one 5k run and my motivation is at zero 😔 I have 10k run in 2 weeks and as I sit here on the sofa I needed a proverbial foot up the behind do thanks again I'm off to change into workout gear and lift some weights xx

  • Hi Dawn, welcome back! Didn't mean to stick my foot anywhere, but if you're feeling motivated that's great! Hope you had a great weights session and good luck working towards your 10k :)

  • Hi Ruth, great that you made it through your first week and had a good structured plan in place in relation to your food choices. You made it all work and every thing came together by the sound of things. And looking good and feeling confident wearing smart skirts and tops in your new slim figure. I bet you rocked it this week :-)

    Your Friday dinner party sounds like you had fun and was able to let your hair down at the end of a long week so always nice to be able to feel you can breath again and it came at just the right time.

    Tuesday cycling and 3 runs a week sound like a plan to me and I know you will manage to fit it all in.

    Well done Ruth getting a new job, starting your new job, and for getting through your first week which is always difficult and posting a good positive post. I'm really pleased for you and hope that week 2 is good for you too :-)

    Enjoy your week ahead :-) - running, cycling...don't forget the strength training

    Trafford1 x

  • Yep - I thought you'd notice the missing strength exercises! Lots of good intentions last week but no strength. The week before I started doing squats with weights. I've been doing my back exercises which definitely help, but the strength has slipped. I'll aim for 3 of those too. Thanks for being you, uncompromising and encouraging all rolled into one person :)

  • Well what a week, so proud to of you! nearly at goal too, another 2lb to go, a few dramas this week, so not a fab week.

  • Hope your dramas haven't been too bad Diana. That's great you've only got 2lbs to go, good luck for your next weigh-in :)

  • Thank you, amazingly I lost 1 1/4lbs, very unexpected really!

    Dental dramas, extraction under sedation soon, ( due to very painful filling, not being able to be done), it will be over soon I hope.

    Bit more bi polar as well, all history now.

    In awe of your fab lunches, not a great salad lover, going to make soup tho for tomm.

    Have a great week!

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