Please join us for the Monday 'Kicking the Kms to the Dust' weekly group (19th October)

Hello Everyone

How many kms were kicked last week? I did 40kms of walking. I think my target was 45kms but I spent most of Saturday with friends or in a car so limited opportunity for walking. I hope to achieve my target of 45kms this week.

Just to say that anyone is welcome to join this group. More the merrier. Just pop on here and tell us all how many kms did you walk, run, cycle, even danced!!

Lizzy πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ


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27 Replies

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  • Morning Lizzy and fellow kickers

    I failed to reach my target of 45 km this week, my girls weekend away wasn't quite as energetic as I hoped with more sitting around chatting than walking/swimming but a good time was had by all. I actually only reached 37.1 km this week, oops!! I am going to slightly reduce this weeks target to 40 km, I have a pretty tough week in work with an annual audit which means I won't be able to get out of the office too much and I also need to get my kettlebell challenge back on track. Have a good week all, let's go and get some more km to kick.

  • 37kms isn't an only - far from it. That's a fantastic achievement- well done 😊

  • Good morning Lizzy! Well done on your 40k - days trapped in offices and on car journeys are killers aren't they?

    Just totted up my paces and miraculously I hit my (very modest!) 35000 paces target - just!

    35182 paces for me this week.

    Target next week is to do a little better than that!

    Good luck for next week.

  • Well done on reaching your target. I estimate that is about 26kms - good going 😊

  • Morning all, as usual, everyone's done exceedingly well.

    I managed my target of 25k, just! My goodness, it's hard going. Thank goodness for this brilliant thread, because without it I wouldn't have pushed myself, so thanks Lizzie (I think :) )

    I'm going to commit to 30k for this coming week and hope and pray that my pedometer will eventually arrive, so that I can add my steps too. However, I'm not holding my breath for the pesky gadget, because the last email said it could take until 3rd Nov. I think it's literally coming snail mail! I blame it all on Steve ;)

    Good luck for this week everyone :)

  • Hey don't blame me! I had mine next day lol You opted for chinese snail mail lol

  • It's really because I was tight fisted :)

    You watch, the instructions will be in Chinese and I won't be able to use the dratted thing anyway! :)

  • I will send you the English instructions lol

  • How very kind :)

  • Hilarious convo. I have been following this from the very first thread where you said you bought that pedometer LOL. Can't wait to see if it DOES arrive, and if it works !

  • Glad this thread is making sure you kicked lots of kms!!

    Here's to another great week 😊😊

  • Morning all you km kickers :-) Congratulations on all your distances !!

    Well, I had a good week and managed to get back up to my target again - 12.5km running/42.5 km walks - making 55km in total :-) Managed a 10km 'power walk' down to the seafront and back last Tuesday so I was feeling very virtuous !

    The dog has been dumped from some of my walking schedule because she is going into protest and is refusing to walk more than 5 paces before stopping solid to spend 3 minutes sniffing the floor. So I'm happy to pile her into the car and drive 2 minutes up the road to get to the fields so I can let her off the lead to run around whilst I walk, but I'm doing the 'pavement' walks on my own now - bloomin' dog :-/ !!

    Not setting a target this week as we are going away on Sunday to York for a few days (half term) so I won't be here to report - but I'm going to get lots of running/walking done this week, and hopefully quite a bit of walking round York (I'm going to start a special category of exercise kms called 'Ghost Walks' for York !!)

    Have a good 2 weeks everyone and look forward to seeing how you are all doing :-)

  • Ye Gods! Those numbers are impressive.

    Dogs can be something of a blessing in disguise, I had to do a road walk yesterday, so the dog had to remain on her lead. It was great, she pulled me all the way, which was very helpful, especially on the hills :)

    Ghost Walks for York?? Is that because no-one will see you, or you'll scare everyone sh*tless, or you'll do lots of moaning, or you'll be as white as a sheet, or is this all just a figment of my imagination? :)

    Have a great hol :)

  • Woohoo Lucca - you are on fire 😊😊😊

    Enjoy your break. We are going to miss you next week 😱πŸ˜₯


  • Morning, I walked 35km this week which i'm happy with. My target for this week is 35km again. If I can do that every week it's a heck of a lot more than I used to do haha

  • I know the feeling, my exercise was measured in cms! :)

  • Well done Steve - great achievement πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ

  • Hi Lizzy, well done on a good week, 40 km is still excellent.

    I fell a little short of my 9 recorded miles target (I count Saturday to Saturday) and managed just under 9. I blame the back to work chaos :(

    I did manage 4 miles yesterday though so a good start for next week.

    Good luck for next week's target :)

  • You did well amidst your challenging week 😊😊 And impressive start to this week!

  • So far together we have kicked an impressive 235kms. Well done everyone πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ

  • I think that's an amazing total :-) :-) Well done everyone !!!

  • We did well, if memory serves me, that's up on last week, with Ruth's amazing figures still to be added :)

    WTG us!! :)

  • Room for 1 more?

    My target was 45km of which 30km cycling and 15km running. I did less running and more cycling...

    Running: 4.51km (only went out once :( )

    Cycling: 41.2km :D :D

    =45.71km - so I finally did it - yay! Aiming for 45km again this week too :)

  • Hooray !! Well done for getting that target Ruth !! (Now get those running shoes on.... ;-) )

  • Of course there is room for you, Ruth :) Yay for your cycle power!

  • Update on the total kms kicked. We have done our best so far at 280kms. Woohoo everyone. In all since we started the thread, we have together achieved 737kms :) :) :) :) :)

  • OMG! We rock!! :) :) :)

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