No exercise!

I recently had a tumour removed that was wrapped around my spinal cord. Healing is slow and even small amounts of housework and walking tire me. I'm

Only borderline overweight but because my joints have suffered from previous over weight I am anxious to stay healthy, but boredom and gray skies mean I'm slipping back into binge eating, especially in the evenings and have gained 4ib in 4 weeks. My fitness pal tells me that on 1200 calories daily it will take me a month to lose a pound and a half. So depressing! I'm short, 67 years old and sitting a lot and the physio said it may take weeks to get back to my previous level of exercise. Any hints to keep me from munching! And does healing burn calories? Any ideas welcome. Thank you x


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6 Replies

  • ask your physio what exercise they recommend i.e. swimming might be good (or even walking in the water) or pilates or tai chi? just stretching really can burn calories - which is what my physio recommended to me

    but defo check with the physio first what you can and cant do - there are some videos on youtube etc

  • Thanks Hydrogirl. The only exercise I'm allowed for the next 3 or 4 weeks is walking and currently I can manage less than a mile and then I'm exhausted. I go for a walk every day though. And I do a bit of stretching. Can't do anything else, or any lifting, housework, gardening etc. have to have a cleaner in! I guess I just have to control my eating but I'm used to exercising and going out a lot so eating becomes a substitute for utter boredom. I need to be patient.

  • I know the feeling I can only walk 1mile before too much pain, im allowed a static bike - but I have one of those mini foot ones so I can stay on the couch

    yeah you need to give it time unfortunately :(

  • Fab herbal tea is a big best friend! Choose wisely, warm, soothing flavoursome drinks to keep he nibbles at bay

  • Ooh elizahanna - you poor thing...and I moan about my back pain! So pleased your over the worst anyway and looking forward. Just about herbal teas, I bought a pack from Tesco on the weekend, its Pukka tea, in 3 cinnamon flavour, its a "Marmite" if you like cloves, cinnamon licqorice flavours you will love it and its very strong in flavour, unlike some teas. If you DONT like those flavours, scrub it, my daughter, who can't understand why I love clove sweets smelt the pack and said "Gah! That smells like you !" :D Anyway, if you fancy it, its well worth a go.

    Good luck !! X

  • Thanks for that idea, I'll give it a try as I think I need strong flavours to keep me from the food cupboard! Liz

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