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My date with laura

Set my alarm this morning because I had a data with laura (C25K) as usual I had fight with myself, all my keenness the night before magical disappeared the moment my alarm went off, after a while a stern talking to I managed to get up and got. This is bringing me a little bit of hope that maybe I could actually do this.

My date : this was my second time with laura, first time was very hard, only managed to do 2 runs, but on my second time I managed all Bar 1 run.,, so I think I could do the entire podcast on Monday.

Today will be another battle with cravings, haven't done to well, but still have the "I want to do this attitude" which is encouraging.

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Woop! well done! You've inspired me to start the c25k and make myself do it! 😊 thank you xx

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Omg.. Really. Hope you can do it. If I can do it.. Anyone can.. Cheesey but true 😉


Wayne...sounds like you're on a roll...cravings will subside...do you know what your triggars are for the cravings?


Can't really say what the trigger is .. But when they come they never ever go.


Running is quite a distraction then!....


I am SO impressed.

I know how hard getting out the door can be and you're right sometimes the only way to do it is grit our teeth and just do it.

You and Laura sound like you are getting quite cosy - I'll be keeping an eye on that!


I am a C25K graduate. The great thing about doing the programme is that is makes you make good choices as you don't want to waste all that hard work. Particularly wine the night before a run, which is not a good idea!


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