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hungry all the time!

Hello all,

I've been doing the NHS plan for 2 weeks now, while I have managed to stick to the 1400 limit (couple of cheat days), or very near, making healthier choices, logging all my food, upping my activity etc.

I am still finding myself hungry all the time. From breakfast all the way through till bed time...

I'm starting to lose my motivation and am thinking about upping my calorie limit to something a bit higher, to stop me from starving all day...

Please help? How has anyone else managed this.... keeping up with it and getting into running whilst hungry is a struggle... and I've already lapsed a few times because I'm just too hungry...

I'm not sure 1400 calorie limit is suitable for everyone... I don't want to, but I'm thinking about switching to different diet altogether, one that I won't be hungry on...

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Hi Nicole - what kinds of things are you eating to get to your 1400 calories ? Have you tried changing around when you consume your calories i.e. having a much bigger breakfast and reducing calories in the evening ?

You don't say what weight you are, or how tall, but perhaps 1400 calories is too low at the moment and you could be eating more ? Have you checked the NHS BMI calculator which gives you an idea of what calories you should be on ?

Finally, are you sure it is real hunger and not just a snack habit that you need to break or replace with something healthier ? :-)


Hi, thanks for responding to me!

For the most part it's fruit and veg with some form of protein with dinner, mainly chicken. Lunch is usually a couple of hard boiled eggs with some salad and a piece of fruit. I try and base a lot of my meals around veg. Thought, fibre, filling....

Breakfast is for the most part a couple of slices of toast and a banana, which would usually tide me over as I'm not a breakfast person - not before anyway - I eat breakfast at work, so needs to be something easy.

I've tried switching it up and around, also added snacks between meals, usually of fruit or cucumber something like that.

I'm 5'6 and 90kg. NHS BMI (apparently obese - which is why I don't really go by BMI) calculator says between 1756 - 2257.

I thought it might be snack, but as before I added snacks in between meals and nothing changed, I started increasing my water intake even more, but no change.


It's possible that you are eating too few calories then, if the BMI calculator gives you that range. You could probably up the amount that you are eating and still lose weight ok ? That might help with the hunger pangs :-) How has the weight loss been for the first two weeks ?


100% agree, it sounds too low which would probably explain your hunger! Everyone is different and has different needs. :-)


Perhaps look at the type of food you are eating? I find that protein is more filling and lasts longer, and so have some protein with each meal.

Also make sure that your diet is not too low fat, as this can leave you hungry, perhaps try some olive oil on your salad for example.

It can sometimes take a bit of experimenting to get things right.


I agree, you need to change something or you're setting yourself up for a fall.

Most bread will stimulate your appetite, as will bananas the riper they get.

Fruit is okay in small amounts, but excess fructose causes insulin-resistance which will add to hunger pangs and ill-health.

We don't actually need to fill our stomach; peptide YY sends the signal to our brain to tell us we've had enough, which is activated by protein. Even then we don't need a lot. Always eat protein with fat to slow digestion; lean protein depletes the liver of vitamin-A.

So the conclusion is that some low calorie food is okay, but what we need is small amounts of foods we find satisfying too.


I have porridge with blueberries or cinnamon for breakfast which fills me up and I am not ready to eat again. Till lunch time

I am having between 1000 and 1250 calories a day and seldom feel hungry. I think you need to reexamine what you eat not just total calories.

Look to eat things that keep you full longer and slowly release energy.

As others have said eat protein rich too as well as veg and fruit

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I agree with what folk are saying here...it's 99.9% sure that you will fail at it if you are constantly hungry and not eating enough. It's better to eat that little bit more and lose weight more slowly than to go too low on what you eat and end up having a binge or something because you are so very hungry. Be kind to yourself, it sounds like your body is sending you a very strong message that it needs more fuel!


I would eat some carbohydrates at each meal, a half portion or rice does me, less than a full portion, it may be drinking a glass of water before each meal may help too?

Breakfast for me is normally either scrambled eggs ( splash of milk no butter) and a a slice of toast, or 1 slice off toast and nut butter ( 2 teaspoons) and low cal fruit

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Good practice Nsky24. Small amounts of low Gi carbs such as legumes, bulgur wheat, quinoa, sweet potato, or oat cakes/whole-grain porridge would be even better for your hormones.

Natural fat stimulates our hormones least.

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Oak cakes are about the only acceptable thing I could eat, off your lidt


I am 5ft 6 and was 96kgs two weeks ago (now 93kg) so roughly on the same scale

I stick to the 1200 calories and often slip below by 100 and other days 1400

except at the 30mins before I am due my lunch break I don't feel hungry

it must be what you are eating isn't filling you enough, upping your daily total will just make the weight loss slower which means its more likely to stay off

have you completely changed your diet from before? I have found in the past that a drastic change in diet has caused me to feel hungry and the diet doesn't last. can you maybe just adjust what you normally eat to have less calories (cut out/reduce snacks like it did) rather than change everything?

your mind might associate certain food with filling u/ feeling full?

have u tried some breakfast bars? I know its processed etc but if they come in a two pack then you could have one then the other for mid morning etc


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