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Fallen off the wagon....ouch!

I've fallen off the wagon! :-( I know exactly why it has happened too. I suffer from depression from time to time and due to some fairly nasty stuff happening over the past few weeks I have fallen into a bit of a slump.

When I'm depressed I eat and drink too much, partly as a crutch and partly as a means of punishing myself (sounds mad I know!).

The good news is that my depression has started to lift a bit this week and things seem a little brighter. The bed news is that my 2 weeks off the wagon has meant that I have put back on 3lbs that I had lost :-(

I really want to get back on track and am thinking about starting the 12 week thing from the beginning again to refresh rather than trying to pick it back up at week 9 which is where I was. I feel very annoyed with myself for undoing the good work that I had done too....


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Life happens, in time you may see that the 'comfort thing', as something different, I've noticed since I started eating more eggs and nuts ( in the form of nut butter).

I' m not craving such so much, my magnesium and other vit levels must be up, I'm munching on sugar snaps and eating plenty of protein.

Maybe try this, next time you feel crap, and depressed, anyway good luck for your renewed start.


Had exactly the same thing and I know how crappy it feels when you look at the scales and see the damage.

Good on you for getting back on your feet. It sounds as though you would rather start from scratch so do that - it needs to be what feels right to you.

And if you can consider what different ways you can handle depression next time (because it will happen again) so that you minimise the damage.

If I had the answer to the last one believe me I would share it!

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I know how you feel. I suffer depression too. It seems like I do all the good stuff then it all falls down. All I can say is take it day by day. Or, even moment by moment. I used to think if I went off the rails say for lunch, there was no point, but the calorie counter helps us to stay on track. I wish you sunshine and smiles. I know it's hard.


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