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Incentives and mini targets

Losing weight can be a daunting prospect. Does anyone else set themselves mini targets and an incentive once they reach it? This could be a day out or a visit to the beauty parlour, or a new nail varnish. I've compiled a chart of the weight I want to be on a given date, with a list of all the clothes I want to fit back into. I have a list of 60 items of clothing just waiting for me to lose 'just a few pounds' (and a bit more for some items) to fit into! That's an awful lot of money wasted on clothes taking up space in my wardrobe. And that feeling of trying on something that makes you look and feel good = priceless! And of course, my ultimate goal is being Duracell-Bunny-fit for skiing - bring it on!

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I have hung up a t-shirt that i want to fit into eventually, that keeps me on track and my target is just to see a loss on the scales each week, and a mini target of losing each half stone!

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I lost 4.5st and was size 10/12 when I discovered I was expecting my miracle baby who is now 2yrs old! I now weigh 15st 7lb ! Size 18 in clothes, I have a suitcase full of size 10/12 practically brand new clothes I aim to wear again ! Slimming world worked for me previously but I'm giving this a bash in the hope I will lose weight and keep it off. I'm on week 1 and loving this group already !

I have a health scare of high enzymes in the liver which I feel is probably weight related. Follow up next week on that. I also suffer with depression, my last episode I stopped eating - current episode I binge ! On meds which increase weight so I really need to control my intake. Looking forward to gaining buddies on here and seeing the weight come off ☺

Enjoy trying on clothes, I remember that feeling xx

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Wow - if you've lost 4.5 stone previously, you know you can do it! I'm on week 2 and also loving the support in this group. Good luck with your tests and with your progress - it won't be long before we're both swanning around town in all our 'new' outfits!


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