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Temptation got the better of me

I was doing so well last week, and feeling so much healthier too, but on Friday night temptation got the better of me and I had a really OTT supper with my daughter. But you know what? It actually wasn't as wonderful doing all that sinning as I thought it was going to be. I mean, it tasted OK, but the earth didn't move for me! Anyway, I followed it up with another bonanza on Saturday (pizza supper before the theatre with 2 huge glasses of wine) which really did taste good... oh dear, seems it doesn't take long for me to get rehabituated to the idiotic habit of stuffing myself with calories to the eyebrows. I am DETERMINED to re-encounter the straight and narrow this week. I wish we had a bracing song or something to sing when feeling a lapse of control coming on! If anyone's got some wonderful ideas about how to put the brakes on when in situations of serious temptation it would be brilliant to hear them.

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I may have gotten drunk last night and ordered a chippy ;) Put it behind you and have a good week!


It'll be interesting to see what does actually happen to your weight this week - as you are making changes, exercising more and getting better habits- I bet it makes less difference that you might fear!


Alcohol is the devil when it comes to being strong against this kind of thing.

I gave up smoking 5 months ago and was so glad I wasn't drinking any more as I doubt I could have resisted a puff after a few wines.

This whole thing of zoning out when we eat and suddenly realising we are fuller than we need to be and have stuffed down way too much is a real problem.

I guess the key to this maybe being present. Not allowing our mind to switch off so we can eat and eat without allowing ourselves to remember we shouldn't be doing it. Really focussing on the food going into our mouths maybe?

Another simple technique is disruption through breathing to get refocussed.


Breathe in for 4 seconds, hold it for 7 seconds, breathe out for 8 seconds.

A couple of those can really calm you down and get your mind back to present.

Hope these help :)

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Great breathing idea, thank you Dave!


So here's to a fabulous week....😄


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