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I've had a gastric bypass

Hi all,

I know I haven't posted for a while and the last time I did it was a bit grim.

But not long after that post my uncle, who works at the Sunderland Royal in the bariatric department got me a slot to have a gastric bypass, I've spent the last month here in Sunderland (I live in London) and last Tuesday had the bypass. I was nigh on 32st when I started out, lost weight on a pre op diet but since Tuesday have dropped from 29st 4lb to 26st 11lb this morning and continuing to lose day by day

That was just a quick update from me, if you want a full, in detail blog from me on my wordpress blog let me know and I can write one

Rob :)

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Well done hope it stays good with u ur doing very well


Thank you Tracey


Hi Rob,

Hope you're feeling ok after your gastric bypass, and it's great to hear you're continuing to lose weight after it. You've left the 30's behind now.

Hope you are recuperating well, and wishing you a good week ahead.

Lowcal :-)


Good luck, Rob 😊

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Good to hear you are doing so well. It isn,t easy and i,m told with this procedure 25% is down to the op and 75% is down to the individual. So you,re doing great Rob. 😊


Hi Rob, good luck recovering and I hope the op is effective. Well done sticking to the pre op diet.


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