The adoption home visit went well - won't know outcome til Weds. How to keep on the rails?

And I made lemon drizzle cake for them which went down a treat. I've already had a slice!

Nothing planned for the weekend. Going to fit in two good walks. Need to curb the emotional eating and cut down on the wine. And just praying for a positive outcome on Weds.

I need your prayers, fingers crossed, toes crossed, four leaf clovers!!!


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9 Replies

  • Well done. I hope that the outcome from the home visit is all that you wish for.

    Enjoy your walks.

  • We've got everything crossed for you (and the lemon drizzle cake sounds lovely !!)

  • Hi Lizzy,

    Everything is crossed, and wishing you lots of four leaf clovers too. Hope the outcome is what you hope for.

    Enjoy your weekend and those walks. Your lemon drizzle cake sounds delicious!

    Lowcal :-)

  • Lots of luck for weds! I've been left hanging on my job too. Been told I've got it but not 100% confirmed re contract details, start date etc. Trying not to think about it. But oops more wine tonight! I'm having a patch I think 😐 Lets make a staying on track pact.

  • Just seen your news

    so happy for you

    all your hard work has payed off

    sounds like you can't believe it

    my daughter had something similar happen

    kept getting piped at post

    she worked so hard got a 1st in her masters

    she's a teacher

    now in dream job

    a little girl of 2 another due Feb

    good things come to those that weight


    no excuse for not having big pat on back

  • Or even wait

  • Thanks, Kitkat xx

  • I am 18stone need to be half that and I have loads of food intolerances but looked at 12 week plan and remained same for three weeks but have eaten soo much this week will not be surprised if I gain. I try to alk as much as poss when not suffering as I have fatigue issues. so glad this site is 'real' and will get back on track even if I hve to do the plan 100 times

  • Everything is crossed for you good luck. My weakness is beer rather than wine but will sip a glass here and there, all things need to curbed but our exercise which seems like you are on the perfect trail. Enjoy those walks.

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