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Feeling a bit more positive !

Firstly, thanking everbody again for your kind and helpful replies.

So Im off for my Xray today. Everything points to it being this bursitis thing, so Im putting behind me my fears of some horrible tumour growing on my spine. I feel sort of a bit irritated with the physiotherapist tho, she hadn't referred me at all, so if I hadn't pursued it, would have been waiting for a referral for ever. Also, she was really the one who put bad thoughts into my mind by discharging me and saying ...you need the MRI...we need to eliminate any underlying problems that might be going on...I mean, faced with this doom laden message and a sad sympathetic face , we all - don't we?- jump to a bad conclusion and think ! Cancer! Maybe its just me. Anyway, I wish she had said it in a different way, or not at all..

Anyway, Onwards and Upwards as they say. I am on the brink of joining Slimming World. I just passed the hall where meetings are held every Thursday morning. I glanced in, there's not too many people in there, and the hall is so near my house, I could throw stones through the window from my front door....

Im getting my head around it, it makes perfect sense. Xxx

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Hi, Sorry you had a bad experience with your physiotherapist. When I had my shoulder injury, it took my seeing 3 physiotherapists before I found the one that I could relate to and who was willing to spend time answering my questions and ensuring I understood the treatment she has prescribed. I'm not saying the others were bad at their jobs I am just saying that sometimes it takes a while to find someone you are comfortable with. :-D

Good luck for today and I wish you a speedy recovery. xx


I have the PERFECT solution for you to lose weight.

It's.... whatever works best for you :)

Slimmers world seems to be a popular choice around these parts - we don't have it here in Australia - but I think any tool that can help or that keeps health and fitness in your mind is definitely worth it.

And there is nothing like having face to face support and meetings to keep you accountable.

Sounds like you are slowly changing your perspective - go you! :)


Lots of evidence points to groups working - but be careful. I had a few colleagues who were perpetual member of such groups but who rarely did anything about it.

Try em out - but remember "Who you hang around with matters!"

What will almost certainly work is doing something- taking action, being accountable to yourself always works.

Hope all goes well with the medics!


I think that's a good point Andrew :-) I've been to a couple of different slimming club groups in the past where there were quite a few people who seemed to have settled into the 'just here for a chat' mentality. One woman occasionally bought her own bottle of wine for a glass or two during the meeting !


Crazy is as crazy does. There's nothing wrong in using a group to find friends - we need to know what the agenda is ! Best group I joined was the local cycling club! They were all doing the thing I wanted to do as a result of losing weight and getting fit and guess what I got fit and lost weight.


Hi Libby,

Hope you are feeling a bit more positive re your potential diagnosis, although I know you won't be completely at peace till all your results are back.

I'm not knocking slimming world but do agree with what Andrew and Lucca have said. My friend is a slimming world consultant and while she did lose about 50 Ib she has put it all and more back on and my only thought is its not a good advert for the plan. I am not saying that all diet club consultants need to thin but they need to be doing what others are paying for( it's my thoughts)

If it will help you then go for it. Have looked to see if there are any healthy eating/fitness sessions offered by your GP and run by your local council? We have them here and you are given about 10-12 weeks free fitness and healthy eating advice then reduced price gym sessions. You need to fit certain BMI/health criteria but have a Google.

Have a lovely weekend



Hi, no we dont have that facility here. Our doctors used to offer a 12 weeks subscription to weight watchers, but I dont think they do it any more. I know what your saying about dieting clubs, I've been totally frustrated by other members before asking stupid questions like " is did from the chip shop free as well" d'uh...no you moron !!

also, having always done calories, im not happy about the "eat all you can" theory on green days potatoes and pasta...the calories !! And also, how can you ever eat out- like I said in an earlier post, all Asda meals are calorie counted, ??? I asked an online website and was suggested - if your eating out, have a lean steak and veggies- yeah right, steak ?? Who can afford steak anyway ?

Im thinking of the discipline of a weekly weigh in more than following the SW diet...

Dunno, undecided at the moment ...


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