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Hi there iam new here

Hi there looking for a bit of help. I was 23stone last year got to 15st 12lb. And now going back up to 17.7lb. I worked hard to get my weight Down and finding it hard to carry on. I don't want to undo all my hard work any advice. Please

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Hi Chris

Congratulations thats a FANTASTIC weight loss!

I know how you feel - 15 years ago I was at a healthy BMI after having been overweight/obese most of my teens and adult life and then the weight slowly came back on because I wasn't being vigilant and slack about it.

I now weigh 40 pounds more than I did at my heaviest many years ago.

It sounds like the method you used to get down to 15 or so stone now needs to be changed or updated as your body is used to it.

In some ways you might be best to start from scratch. Calorie count, get 30 minutes plus of exercise per day, make a contract with yourself to do this exercise every day for 30 days rain hail or shine.

Download the Myfitnesspal app and start calorie counting today. Once you load in your stats it will give you a recommended amount of calories each day and logging your food is dead easy - its the simplest way to do this I have ever seen.

How much exercise do you do on a daily basis? Do you do strength exercises as well which can help to increase lean muscle mass and therefore up your metabolism?

In the end i think its best you change what you have been doing in some way so there is something new that your body isn't used to.



Well done on losing the weight. You obviously know how to lose weight so it's just a matter of getting your head right again. Always the hardest part.

Perhaps set mini targets and set yourself the challenge of getting to them.

First target could be 17 stones then continue with further small targets.

Once you hit each target work hard at not going back above it.


Hi Chris try and get into a routine, you've done fab so far, sure you can get back on track. Always hard to lose weight, good luck x


That's a great loss you've achieved so far - I can only echo what the others have said - keep going, restart the regime, find your mojo again. There's a weigh in thread run on a Monday for a weekly weigh in - perhaps join in with that to really get yourself motivated and accountable ? Good luck :-)

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Hi Chris, really impressed with what you've achieved so far. Just start to reintroduce the things you did before to get back into a routine, or as Dave says try something new. A lot of us have been following the NHS 12 week plan. There are various threads going on here, people encouraging each other to do a certain amount of walking each week, introducing strength exercises, lots of support and friendly banter. Just read through, soak up the ideas, and let us know how you get on :)


Like above i found the 12 week nhs plan worked along with support from here. You know you can do as you have already achieved a good loss. So re focus and set small goals!

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Hello Chris, welcome to the most positive forum of friendly folk trying to get to a healthy weight and mindset. You have done amazingly well already and have taken another big step addressing the regain of some of the weight you have lost. Don't know how you lost the weight originally, but as others have said on here, the 12 week nhs plan is a good starting point that you can easily adapt to your own needs. Like many on here, I calorie count. For others on here a different approach is working. Might I suggest you have a good read of lots of different posts and see if something resonates with you to try? Whatever you decide to do, good luck hun, we are all cheering you on. 😊


Hi Chris - you are not too far off where you need to be. Well Done for the weight loss last year! Thats amazing!

I used the NHS 12 week plan and it helped me to really focus on what I needed to learn and to change to get more of the life I Wanted! There are also some wonderful sources of help and support- a lot of them have replied here - only wanting to help support and cheer you on.

Also have a look at couch to 5K running might not be your bag right now but so many people have discovered regular running as a great pleasure as a result - you might surprise yourself!


I totally understand how your feeling. I have hypothyroid disease and put on 40 pounds due to it. I am medicated and in normal range now but the weight is stubborn. I worked so hard to take off 8 to 10 pounds and now and back up 3. It is frustrating, but I have decided to stay with it and try more. Sometimes I just let myself eat normal but without sugars and starches and other times I am good on salads and low carbs. I want to make a diet as a lifestyle change and am inching my way toward it. When I keep my calories low say 1500 a day I seem to maintain well. I have been lax on the exercise though. It is real hot here and I have little drive to sweat on top of sweat. I may not be saying any thing to help but I am trying to share my experience, strength and hope! Fighting the battle together is better than going it alone.


Hi Chris, I think it is much harder to keep it off, than to actually lose it!

I too have lost many, many stones, only to put it back on....plus more. I've always been a yoyo dieter, my downfall is slipping back into old habits, instead of keeping up the healthy eating.

You have done well and deserve a pat on the back....but hold it right there at the two stone gain, take control like you did before. Easier said than done I know, because I have been where you are now. Do remind yourself that even with the weight gain, you are still ahead with the weight loss.

Good Luck!


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