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I only lost 300g (0.6 pounds) I am in Week 3 have I already stalled?

Hi everyone. After two first exciting weeks where I lost 3.75 pounds in total, I now have lost only 0.6 pound in a week. On Saturday I had a friend coming to mine and she brought loads of food with her. Salad, but from those salad bars where the salad has loads of pasta, mayonnaise etc. I live on my own and it was fresh food and I could not really throw it away and at the same time I could not freeze it in order to eat it at another time. And no one to give it to. So for two days I ate that, not even being able to estimate the calories (I did an estimate but I believe now I was wrong). And now result I have lost much less than in previous weeks and I feel a bit low about this..

How should I deal with this kind of situations better next time? She does not know I am dieting and she brought food to help me as she knows I hardly have time to cook. She brought a few frozen things too, which was good, but the fresh food is what tipped the scales for me... :(.

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I have a similar problem, I visit my gran a couple of times a week for dinner, and she feeds me takeaways each time as she can't be bothered to cook, or even let me cook and make a mess in her kitchen. I have tried to see her at different times - so now I see her mid morning on a Saturday and we go for coffee, or if I do go down to her house I take in something for dinner, like a low cal meal for me and something nicer for her. It isn't great but has to do - I don't want anyone to know I am dieting so I have had to be sneaky.

Don't feel low, think of that 0.6lb as a lump of butter you have lost, it is a lot! Know you are heading in the right direction, and are making lifestyle choices that will have a positive impact forever xx


1 weigh in not losing weight can so easily be a blip, caused by water retention, or any number of other factors. The journey has to be a long one. We will all have ups and downs along the way, but stick at it, it will come good soon. Are you using any form of food tracker, or diary. I am finding Myfitnesspal helpful. If you are, be honest and record everything, and if in doubt over estimate, calories and portion size. You'll get their.

Dave x


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