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Hump day

I had a tough day today. Went to bed late which is my own fault, but I have to get up at 6am so a stupid decision. So I got a couple of sugary drinks to wake myself up. Only had half of each but still a lot of calories.

Then I realised I'd forgotten my apple and cheese-string (surprisingly low in calories) which was annoying. Then I got to work and found my strawberries had gone mouldy two days before they were due to expire! This seriously limited my lunch and snacks. Combine the lack of sleep and lack of food and I snapped.

Had McDonald's mozzarella dippers :( 270kcal so not the end of the world, but not great either especially on top of the drinks I had this morning. I think those extras totalled over 400kcal on their own. Must do better!

New note to self today: When hungry have planned lunch of soup first. Might not be so desperate for alternatives afterwards.

Still, I started at 11st 9lbs on Sunday and weighed in at 11st 7lbs this morning, so that was something positive out of the day :). I'm also trying to not think too badly about my off days, more learn from them. Like I've learned that resisting when hungry is much harder than when I have food in me. Sounds silly but when you're hungry weirdly you never think of that.

Much love,


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I think you made good choices today, considering. You didn't start off well with the sugary drinks, but introducing a better routine for going to bed early should fix that. I think the McD cheese dippers sound like really good damage limitation at least you found something that was only 270cal, which is not bad considering you were sleep-deprived and hungry! So you didn't go completely off the rails, as you say, it's more the sort of day where there's lots to learn.

By the way strawberries do that all the time. When I buy them now I wash them and check them over and transfer them to another container straight away. If just one is bad, even slightly soft, that can easily lead to them all going mouldy. That's really bad luck though, they should have at least lasted til the sell by date.

Congrats on the 2lb loss, hope the rest of today goes okay, and hope all your plans stay in place tomorrow.


I agree with Ruth. Sounds like you did well on a difficult day. Tomorrow will be better with a bit of planning 😊


Hey Cath, you did really well....I've got a pre pack of cous cous and a tin of tuna in my drawer at work....I know...not a natural combination....but they're there for the tricky times...have you got any place for this kind of emergency pantry at work? Have an easier day tomorrow.😉


And congrats on the shedding of two pounds! Go you!


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