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Well I've only been counting calories since Wednesday, what a shock I got. I can have a health meal and my calories are ok then I decide mayonnaise would be a nice complement. Wow needless to say the amount I add has been reduced greatly. Calories on some of the items I ate are extremely high for very little. Some things will need to be changed if I want to be satisfied and loose the Ibs.

I hope your all doing well..

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The good news is that the fat helps the body take in nutrients...but as you say..you can only have a small amount....but it really makes me appreciate the good things.


1 tablespoon of mayo suddenly looks a lot more generous if you mix some cabbage, carrot and onion into it :) Also try bulking it out with freshly crushed garlic and a touch of dried parsley, or make your own tzatziki with yogurt, lemon juice, cucumber and mint. There are lots of creative ways to stop it all looking so measly. Good luck :)


Oh I love mayo too! I am trying to be more sensible with it :(

It really is an eye opener researching the calories in what you eat. Some foods are surprisingly reasonable and others not so much. I think researching the calories in what you like can help you sustain a lifestyle change. You can still eat the same or similar things but you now know what you need to eat less of and tackle the dreaded portion control.

For me it is important to be able to keep eating what I enjoy. Choosing a diet you don't enjoy and cutting out all the stuff you like isn't sustainable and you're more likely to fall off the wagon.

In my opinion you are doing the right thing and this will help you succeed.

Good luck :)


Its interesting to get that slap in the face over some things we hardly even think about isn't it?

i had no idea my skinny cappuccino was costing me 100 calories a day until I went to log it into Myfitnesspal.

Maybe in my distorted thinking I saw liquid as being calories not to think about!

Anyway that realisation then helped me to swap to a long black with milk on the side which is still almost as satisfying but now I can enjoy my delicious not-quit-fat-free yoghurt in the evening with no guilt :)


You might want to try Sainsburys French Style Mayonnaise.

I believe it's a little lighter than full fat hellmanns mayo, but has a much better flavour, so I tend to use less of it!

Personally, I can't stand the light mayos....if rather do with out! The the sainsburys one has a lovely mustard-y flavour that I don't use quite so much!


In place of Mayo I have total 0% yoghurt. I know it's not the same but I've got used to it and it's far better for me. Like a lot of foods I've changed to once you have been having them for a while they do become an acquired taste. I like an occasional coffee and could stand it with artificial sweetener but not wouldn't dream of having it without sweetener now.

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I must try the natural yogurt for awhile to see if I acquire the taste. It's worth a try.

Thanks for the tip😀


Don't ya love the food industry! My shock was the amount of calories in a little bowl of Muesli. Ok turns out it wasn't such a little bowl after all, well, actually, it was a stupidly huge bowl with enough calories to get a small car a good way up the road.

Little did I know!

Calorie counting worked for me partly because I learned how many calories I need, and how many calories were in different foods.

Its all about learning!


I chuckled reading about the Muesli. Using smaller bowls and plates is going to be a must! 😀


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