New to the group, starting over...AGAIN!

Hello everyone! I found this site through a search for weight loss support. I have been trying to lose 30lbs for what feels like forever now and have never made it all the way. Got down 20lbs, then gained it back and so on the story goes. So much is going great in my life, except my health/ weight battles. No one in my life takes me serious since I've yo-yo a lot; this means I have no support system when it comes to a healthy lifestyle so it is easy for me to get off track. I am hoping to use this site as an outlet for the good, bad and ugly of getting through this journey. My goal is to drop 25-30lbs by the end of the year so that weight loss is NOT a 2016 resolution!! Day 1 tomorrow!


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  • Hi and welcome BRST2015.

    The nhs 12 week plan is amazing and so easy to follow and a real life changer :-) Good luck on your journey :-)

  • Thank you! I'm going to take it a day at a time, and just try to maintain a positive outlook

  • Good morning BRST2015. Hope your 2016 resolution is to maintain your healthy new weight :) this forum provides exactly that support you might struggle to find in the people around you, especially having yoyo'd in the past. The NHS plan breaks that cycle as it's a lifestyle change rather than a diet, although you do have to get a grip on calories. I also recommend thinking about what exercise you want to include as that will help you meet your goal by the end of the year. Look at things like couch to 5k and trying to introduce some strength exercises into your daily routine. Lots of luck :)

  • Yes! Maintaining will be the ultimate resolution. I do some of the fun 5k runs from time to time but is my calorie intake is my down fall. I am working on that to get me through this. Thank you for your support!!

  • Good luck this site is really full od inspirational thoughts and feelings. The tips and support is great and even on a dark day you can find something to uplift you.

    I am sure you can do well and there will be no 2016 resolution. That's my hope as well.

    Just remember YOU are worth al the effort you put in.:)

  • Thank you!!

  • You do not say what your situation is regards to food provision. Do you cook for yourself? Do you shop for yourself? If you do this journey is so much easier as you have control, what you need to do is take control. Do not let food dictate to you. Sit and plan your weeks eating, keep a food diary and write down everything you eat, if you have a bad day still write it down and think about why you went awry and what you could do in the future to avoid the same thing happening. Increase your activity, add a walk into your day. If you want it badly enough you can do it but don't set unrealistic goals. Good luck

  • As well i would advise to toss out all sweets, and food which is unhealthy, if i have a craving for chocolates i have dark 60-80% cacao init, and you can always add a few almonds to make it even nicer. Good luck.

  • Hi BRST :-) Your story sounds very familiar to me - lose weight, put in on, lose weight etc !! I can only echo what people have already said - this forum is great for motivation and support. I've lost nearly a stone so far, and am at the stage where in the past I would start to slack off, and put it all back on again. I'm hoping that this time that won't happen, so the real test is yet to come :-D

    Good luck and hope to see you around lots :-)

  • I usually get to that stage after I've lost a few so I know exactly what you mean. Just keep going so you don't have to start over again lol thank you for the support!

  • Hey there...and welcome. This is the most supportive group I've ever been part of. I suggest you post and reply to keeps you in the right frame of mind...good luck!

  • Thanks! The site has been so motivating already, it's great.

  • Plenty of room for old lags here, BRS! Time to shovel off that blubber for good. Welcome back onboard... :D

  • Thank you!

  • hi brst2015, when you say you don't have a support system when it comes to a healthy lifestyle, do people ridicule you when you try?

    what has worked for me, is not telling anyone what i am actually doing. as in, i don't tell anyone i am trying to lose weight. it is my personal journey and i don't want any funny looks or me feeling people are thinking 'o yeah, but she loves her food' or 'heard it before'. they possibly don't but i don't want to create any doubt when i ned to stay focused and positive that i can achieve getting fit and and not fatter :-)

    what has helped me lose and keep the small amounts i have been losing each week for about 6 weeks is very small changes to my daily life that i CAN and WILL be able to sustain for forever, not just now. i love food, it is there to be enjoyed. instead of completely cutting things out i have introduced better foods and read up on healthy & unhealthy eating to reinforce what i am doing is the best for my internal organs, so my body can be the best it can be. i have started to snack on celery, drink green tea and more water, small bursts of exercises even 5 minutes little sessions. they are the only things i have started to do and it is working. i don't hate any of those things now, i actually like them! good luck XO

  • Yes! that is exactly it, I get the looks and comments of "here she goes again" when I attempt to eat healthier or decline food. I think this time I will just keep it to myself. Let it be my own journey. Thank you!!

  • none of my family had even noticed that i had lost that weight! it was a huge victory for me over these 6 weeks, so i'm glad i didn't say this time from the start.

    small changes really works for me. i don't want any more discouragement when it's already an inward battle going on inside my head not giving in to bingeing, stuffing my face with cake and crisps (i comfort eat). i can have a little bit of cake or a treat without the 'tut tutting', 'should you be eating that?' - which, in the past, has increased my comfort eating!

    now i don't have that to deal with that so why add anymore unnecessary negativity? i always feel better after a little exercise, my resolve is stronger to fight against eating high sugar foods. when i feel good after exercise it is so much easier to say 'no, i don't need those crisps right now'.

    in time, people will notice and they will be happy for me, but for now i will just keep making tiny changes as i know they work. good luck! :-)

  • When it comes to our dearest dreams, we have to be very careful who well tell them to - if at all. People can be careless if not downright callous, so just you beaver away on the quiet and get the job done. It is its own reward. Looking for approval can undermine us before we start :D #goneonabit

  • Sounds like so many people on here I have yoyo ed for years until finding support on here. I run regularly and do strength work and it's amazing the change in mental attitude too. Good luck and keep us posted. 😁

  • Go for it! I'm doing the same.

    These guys are so supportive and good tips.

    We a have stumbles but dust pour selves off, learn from it and say I'm going to be me!

    I look forward to your success 😄

  • Keeping it off is no easy task, this forum - godsend🌟

  • Hi BRST :)...I myself am a newcomer and hoping to lose about 4 stone with hopefully the help and support of the lovely people on this site... I can defernatly relate to you when you say you dont get any support from anyone i especially dont from my partner..

    I hope you reach what your aiming for :)

    good luck in your journey


  • I'm sure everyone will be there for you I know I will good luck xx

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