Aweek go's by!!

Well I have just done my first week !

Found it strange, can clearly see now how my mood swings afect my urge to eat.

But feeing less bloated so its doing some good.

Started on the first of September and don't intend to stand on a set of scales until the first of October.

So that's about it for now, nice to know I'm not on my own.

More feelings next week

Bye for now!!


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13 Replies

  • Congrats Gratho!

    Aah, our old friend the emotional saboteur :) well done you for not giving in to temptation.

    I think you're showing remarkable will power by staying away from the scales for a whole month :) I'm sure that come October, you're going to be delighted with your results.

    Keep up the good work and look forward to hearing your future thoughts and feelings.

    Good luck :)

  • Thanks for your support

    I hope you are doing ok!

  • Thanks for asking, I'm only on day three, but so far so good :)

  • Glad you are feeling better in yourself already after a week. That first weigh in is going to be great.

  • That's a good idea to weigh yourself after a month - I always dread weigh in day (I usually weigh once a week) so I think I will give that a try. Thanks for the tip and all the best to you with your loss!

    I eat depending on my moods too - I find it a hard habit to get out of so thanks for the inspiration :-)

  • Thanks for your support

    Keep in touch

  • Thank you

    Great name!! "Positive"

    Its what we all need to succeed


  • Thanks for your support !!

    When I get the thought in my head to treat eat or eat at the wrong time I find I either beat it by putting a better thought in my head, or attacking some fruit.

    But sometimes I lose, but I'm getting better slowly.


  • Know what you mean about the bloated feeling....when I goes it's just such a great feeling!

  • Thanks

    Yes it a good feeling to hold on to !!


  • Hi Gratho,

    Since I began the NHS weight loss plan I have recorded everything I ate, calorific value etc. I also made a note of how I was feeling on those days when I really needed to eat more and what had happened that day to make me feel that way. It has helped me to keep better control on those days when the urge to binge has been great. I realised it was when my plans had to change unexpectedly that I turned to the biscuit tin or the sweet jar, now I know the trigger I'm better able to cope with it.

    Good luck when you step on those scales in October.

  • Hi Gratho,

    Well done for completing your first week, and sounds like you're already noticing positives in terms of feeling less bloated. Really good.

    Wishing you a great weigh-in in October, and good luck with your goals.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thanks

    Trust your doing ok


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