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In the mood for eating!


Hi All,

I'm posting on here to distract myself...I am in the mood to eat everything in site!

I've had a boring day...I've been at an event for work and had a stall. It wasn't very well attended and no one really came to look at the stands! So, my thoughts turned to food. I was so unbelievable close to getting a MacDonalds on the way home - I so want one! I thought of Dave's struggle with the chocolate and supermarket and drove past...took all of my resolve!

I'm having lightly dusted river cobbler with croquets and veg for dinner now. I don't usually have croquettes but feel the need for something to substitute the fries! I also have lemon drizzle cake in the kitchen...courtesy of my boyfriend's Mom. I've worked out I have enough calories left for the tiniest slither of cake but I'm not sure I trust myself to stop there!

I am meant to be going to the gym tonight and already I'm dragging my heels. I am going to force myself though. My boyfriend is away tonight so I might as well, otherwise I'll just look at the cake all night :( It's so cold outside though (and inside too to be fair)

Need to keep busy whilst the food is in the oven!!!

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Wrap cake in foil having cut off sliver. And freeze the rest. Walk slowly away from cake. Silence your 'Bert' by getting coat and work out gear and go to the gym. Give yourself permission to eat the sliver after and only after a good work out .... you can do this! X

NoMoreJunkMaintainer in reply to 2bFabnfit

Good tip about freezing it! Thank you, giving myself 30 minutes for my dinner to settle then I AM going to the gym and earn my cake!

sueper5 stone

Hi, it's so frustrating that we feel the need to turn to food when we are bored (frustrated, happy, sad, angry etc etc).

I have been really fed up this week, mostly due to work. When I get fed up and stressed out at work all I want to do is go home and stuff my face! I have cut down a massive amount but not changed what I eat too much as I want to sustain this long term. But for some reason when I feel like this it is more about quantity than quality. So frustrating as I have been doing this for months now and these feelings should have passed. :(

Unfortunately for me nothing fills the gap that a big eats fills. Luckily I have not weakened but just felt upset that I feel this way - still!

I am off for a swim tonight so hopefully I will feel better. Also it is nearly the weekend so I can escape from work for 2 days :)

Anyway I hope my moanings have distracted you a little.

Enjoy your little slice of cake - for me it is better to have a little than none at all. Can you cut it into slices and freeze it?

And yes it is flipping cold tonight but you know that you will warm up once you hit the gym.

Keep strong and the scales will reward you :)

NoMoreJunkMaintainer in reply to sueper

Thank you for replying seuper and I hope you enjoyed your swim! I did go to the gym and then stuck to my slither of cake. Had a shower and then read in bed, warm and toasty! I hope you are having a good week despite being fed up at work - I like this 'Keep strong and the scales will reward you' I am going to repeat this to myself when I have cravings! One more day until the weekend!

sueper5 stone in reply to NoMoreJunk

Well done for staying focused :)

How are you doing Nomorejunk? Hope you made it to the gym. Sometimes just delaying things a little bit helps. 2bfabnfit's suggestion to have the cake after the gym is exactly this. If you feel tempted to have more than that sliver, try and tell yourself to wait half an hour or that you can have it tomorrow. And keep reminding yourself how great it will feel to get through this hungry day and not succumb. It happens to all of us. I find disruptions to my routine can really test me in this way too.

NoMoreJunkMaintainer in reply to Ruth_canal_runner

Thank you Ruth. I did go to the gym - I didn't do HIIT but some cardio and weights. Didn't have the energy for HIIT! I stuck to my slither and then had a shower and read in bed. Was too warm to get out then! I am proud of myself for not giving in - especially for not having a MacDonalds (I was SO close!). I don't know why I fancied one so much, the smell of it when I walk past in town puts me off now but not yesterday!

I completely agree that disruptions to my routine tests me - I didn't get to drink as much water so I think that made feel like I was hungry but I was actually thirsty, I was bored, fed up, felt like I had wasted my day and wanted to take it out on food! Posting on here really helped :)

Hi NMJ, I do exactly what you've done! I post loads and it's really helped to break my'whats appeared in the fridge during the last hour'.moments where I'm on the prowl for anything! Some really good ideas in these posts. Hope they helped.

NoMoreJunkMaintainer in reply to Portlandprincess

Thank you portlandprincess - posting definitely helped! I'm learning to use this forum for successes but also for when I need some extra support :)

Portlandprincess1st 7lbs in reply to NoMoreJunk

If you feel's a great distraction and it also firms up failing resolve.

Hope you managed the gym and didn't succumb to the cake. I find if I exercise I then don't want to ruin all my hard work by eating something I shouldn't. It is so much harder when the evenings get chillier though isn't it, all I want to do is curl up with a cuppa and a biscuit!! Good luck for rest of your week. 😃

NoMoreJunkMaintainer in reply to ICan-IWill

Thank you ICan-IWill (Loving the new name name!). I did go to the gym and I did have a tiny slither of cake but stopped at that! I did go in the shower afterwards and curl up in bed and read my book - if I started watching TV I knew I would go looking in the fridge!

Hope you have a good weekend!

Boredom for me is one of the key triggers for eating badly so I know what you mean.

I have to keep busy, these days I find I can not even sit in front of the TV for that long before I am looking to get up and move around.

Sometimes you just need to break the mental hold your craving is having by doing something physical - spin in a circle, do star jumps, bark like a dog (I do this in the car if I am craving - bizarre? yes - but it works for me! :)

Physical activity reduces the mental hold of a craving.

Glad you decided to post instead of eat! :)

NoMoreJunkMaintainer in reply to Dave1961

Thanks Dave! I was so bored all day - I was on the stand by myself as my colleague had called in sick and no one attending was interested in any of the stands but networking instead. I should have gone straight to the gym instead of going home and trying to cook when I wanted to eat everything!

Haha I love the image of you barking like a dog! I'll try star jumps first - I'll set off the dog next door if I start barking at home!

Back on it today - going to start preparing my snacks and lunch for the day now.

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