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5:3 fail

In theory I am giving the fasting game a try...I had coped well with 16:8 fasting so thought along with my sister I would throw in 2 days of 500 calories in and then follow NHS 12 week/1400 cal for the other 5 days, on the normal days also try and do clean eating, protein low can et etc.

Today I was fine with the fast....until I started eating. Driving home I felt so hungry I had to stop and have food...instead of staying to 500 at least I managed to stay within my 1400 cal allowance.

Might try 500 Cals on Sunday when I can just lay on the sofa 😀

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A win win then? So if you manage a fast you win...if you hit 1400 you win...sounds like a plan!


No wonder you're so hungry! Do 16:8 or 5:2, combining them may be a step too far.


I tried 5:2 and could not do it. I am a bit of a food addict and that whole denial of food was just too much for me.

You need to change how you are doing this. You overate because your body got to the point of being worried that food was getting scare and it sent your hunger into overdrive - and I assume it was carbs you craved?

WOrse than that this will slow your metabolism and lock down fat stores in case they are needed later - the exact reverse of what you want to be able to lose fat.

The more I understand about how our bodies use energy and what they need the more I think that a 24 hour fast is unwise.

An alternative approach which yields great results is to fast from bedtime to lunchtime every day, basically you skip breakfast BUT you must do aerobic exercise in the morning because this is when your body will have to burn fat not carbs for energy.

Once you get to lunch time you can eat as many calories as you want but of course you would be aiming at good quality carbs and calories.

Something to consider - google


You need to plan 5:2 carefully - timings are important as are the two 300 cal meals you are going to have as well as the drinks to have while you are doing it. Well done for sticking under 1400 through that's an achievement in itself.


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