The cat's meow !!!!!!!

The cat's meow !!!!!!!

Well have now completed week 3 and really happy with the way things have gone so far.

This morning awake early as usual 5:30 am (not a real time I know) and I thought well it's Monday so get on the scales.

Around me don't know why, but I have 3 sets of beady eyes, my beloved pussy cats, don't worry not rats . I look down at the scales then I look away, look back and cannot believe what I can see, hooray just gone into the next stone.

OMG I shriek in joy, in a panic small girl cat leaps up and knocks over a very nice and expensive bottle of shampoo goes flying everywhere and 2 boy cats run for cover.

I have lost another 3.5 lbs and I am over joyed. Hopefully now I am the queen of bikes not the queen of cakes things can only get better. That said hope weather perks up as hacking down at moment, was planning another excursion today.

Now having a nice cup of tea with said animals snuggling around me, wonderful !!!!!!!

Small girl cat smells very nice and I will have to go shopping to replenish shampoo stock.

Have a good week everyone.


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16 Replies

  • Wonderful post! So pleased for you....agree on the weather. Did a hike up the hill in drizzle this really summer? Love to the little tykes!

  • The sleeping beauties are full and happily sleeping on my bed, oh to be a cat !!!!!!

    Well done for the hike, going to brave the weather myself shortly, wellies on and rain mac zipped up tight, what's a bit of rain between friends, lets hope I don't have to thumb a lift back with Noah and his ark.

    Summer what summer !!!!!!

  • Hi Jo,

    Great result, so happy for you.

    Have another great week


  • Hi flossie

    Thanks, hope you are having a great week and all's well for you :)

  • Hi Jo4950, what better way to start your bank holiday than with a 3.5 lb weight loss. BRILLIANT !! :-) and well done for breaking though the 14's and into the 13's this is massive :-) such a great achievement and one to definitely be proud of hun

    Trafford1 x

  • Thanks,

    On a Roll and not a bacon one !!!!!!

    Best I've been for over a decade so really happy.

    Hope you are having a god bank holiday :)

  • Wow well done!

  • Thanks, have a good week.

  • Weighed myself today. Did it twice because the first time was 110 lbs., but thought that was too low. Second time, 124 lbs..

  • Hope that was good for you and you are having a good week.

    Lovely picture of your cat looks like a beautiful baby.

  • Thank you! Her name is Bunny (I didn't get to name her that, she had the name before adoption).

  • Bless her, very cute. I've got Poppy, Archie and Bryan(my senior citizen, nearly 19)

    PS he is named after Bryan Adams a pop star of long ago (my children say that I'm old, and there aren't any pop stars any more) Of course I don't believe them !!!!!!

    Hope you're week is going good.

  • Sure there are some "pop stars" still around. I listen to a lot of different singers all the time on the radio. Ever listen to 94.7 or 97.1? They have on-line listening if you go on the internet and look each radio station up on google. One of my favorite singers is Nick Jonas from the Jonas brothers. I also like Kelley Clarkson. Who do you like?

  • Checked out the online radio today it's very good, I went onto 94.7 not bad atall. I've always got some music on somewhere. Kelly Clarkson is good as it Nick Jonas. I love a bit of Taylor Swift, Avichi, Ed Sheeran, Clean Bandit very poppy but still love it. I like lots of types of music though and going to concerts used to be my big thing. My oldest daughter has the bug as well and goes off to as many festivals as she can fit into her work schedule.

    I love dance music, but apparently I'm not allowed to dance to it in front of kids or I might embarrass them. Of course that means I do it even more, oh dear I am a wicked mum Hooray!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hey! Do what makes YOU happy!

  • That's my plan now kids big :)

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