I have a dream!

I have a dream that this time next year, I'll be walking and cycling the coastal paths of Britain.

For me to be able to do this I have have to set some realistic goals. I cannot carry five extra stone of stored energy with me (fat). It just wouldn't be much fun and I don't need it!

Goal one .....ditch the stones

Goal two .......get fit

Is it that simple?

I'll be making success charts and will be setting the interim mini goals


Use up half stone of unwanted fat by Sept 8th...(think I've nailed that one with your help dear forum buddies)

Second , walk up the hill (keep on saying that it's a huge hill need to post a pic!) without stopping.....nearly did that this eve....and it was drizzling..did I care? Nope!

Will be setting new mini milestones soon!

And finally, thank you all for your support. (Andrew, it's a good book! Thanks for the recommendation.)


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44 Replies

  • Great long term goal!!

    If you find yourself along my stretch of coast, stop and have a skinny latte with me!?!

  • That would be brilliant!

  • Hi Portlandprincess, what a lovely dream and how wonderful will it be when this dream you have listed becomes your reality hun.

    Dreams really can come true its all down to you. I had a dream similar to yours and mine have almost all come true because I believed in my dreams and followed them through :-)

    That dream of walking and cycling the coastal paths of Britain is definitely on the horizon and just waiting for you

    You can do it :-)

    Trafford1 x

  • I've never really planned in this way before for me and my health so it's a brave new world. Excited...

  • You can do it, you will do it, you are doing it!

    Keep on keeping on, we are your cheerleaders!

  • Thanks 2B....I'm on my way! Yeah!

  • That is not a dream that is a REALITY waiting to happen.

    I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that you will achieve this. You have the right mindset, a great attitude and you are willing to put in the work.

    Go you!

  • Thanks Dave, the stairs are already getting easier ...and so is the hill!

  • Hi Portlandprincess,

    Love the dream sounds like a long holiday.

    Do like your set goals, go for it, slow and steady wins the race for me.

    Enjoy that hill, look forward to the photo of you at the top😃

    Have a lovely week


  • Thank you your too!

  • Hi Pp, such a wonderful goal to aim for and next year will be here before you know it. When you start your mapping, plotting your route, make sure to let us all know how your getting on. Hey, some of us may even be able to join you en-route, all slimmer and healthier - whatever distance on our own paths. It would be nice to put a face to many of the wonderful supporters on here.

    Enjoy your path leading to next years, absolutely sure of this, successful conclusion. 😊

  • Now wouldn't that be brilliant!

  • Portlandprincess that is a great dream and an achievable one. I walked some small stretches of the pembrokeshire coastal path in June and it's absolutely amazing can't wait till I can afford to go back and do some more!

  • I want to look at the rolling hills and think....really looking forward to seeing what the view is like at the top instead of...will my knees make it lol

  • I have a plan to do some costal walking too, bought National Trust membership to save on parking and since then have spent every Saturday at one or other of the houses. Clock up an average of 6km on each visit though so it is worth it.

    I did try a bit of hill walking myself but now avoid as it builds up the calf muscles and mine are huge already! So I still with general walking but as I am in Devon there are a fair few hills anyway.

    You said you are going to lose weight and then get fit but I see you are already (like me) doing a bit of walking. Providing your knees are ok you can walk with the extra stones (I did with 3.5+ stones more).

    Hope you have a great time on your costal walks next year and hopefully we can compare notes and locations :)

  • Just bought the national trust membership too. Isn't life so much better! Not watching to but getting on with life!

  • I totally agree - enjoy your membership :) At least when it is raining we can walk around the houses - it's still exercise :)

  • I also worry about my calf muscles (mine are huge from cycling, as in so huge that it's hard to find boots that fit over them). But I was advised ages ago it's because I've never been in the habit of stretching. If you start introducing daily calf and hamstring stretches, this should help your calfs, and hopefully stop you from being put off climbing hills? I've been stretching like crazy since doing couch to 5k, and my calfs seem to have stopped bulging in such an alarmingly muscular way. Might be worth a try...

  • Now that's a really good...and logical ....idea. Will do. I too have a few problems with boots so we'll both be able to report back on success this winter....with gorgeous boots to prove stretching works!

  • Thanks for the tip Ruth!

    Ok so I'm gonna sound thick now but how do I stretch my calf muscles? Do I stretch one leg out behind me and sort of dip forward - does that even make sense?

    I have managed to lose about 4cm on my calves in the last 3 months which is great but they are still massive - over 50cm. I can now get into the super duper extra mega large wide calf boots from an online chubby chicks catalogue but I'd don't think they're gonna look good!

    I have studied my calves though and I think there is some fat to lose although they are quite toned as they have a lot to hold up!

    On the plus side, I have (or will have in 1/2 hour) walked over 10 miles in the last 5 days :)

  • My favourite calf stretch is just lying on my back with my legs up in the air. I put one foot behind the other and push each leg in turn, sort of like standing and trying to touch your toes, but without needing to balance. You can also stand on a step with your heels hanging off the edge and do 'heel drops'. There are loads of stretches that work on slightly different muscles if you want to start getting technical though, and a good place to start (predictably) is the NHS site - nhs.uk/Livewell/fitness/Pag...

    I have always had mega-muscly calfs but have still managed to shrink them. I think some people just get really muscly there! That's so funny about the super mega wide boots! I haven't had to go that far, but have been in tears trying to find wellies that fit, or trying to walk in wellies that didn't quite fit, and they are vital for Glastonbury. Was so pleased to fit comfortably this year. Hope you get the same feeling soon too :)

    That's amazing about having walked 10 miles. I've spent the whole day sitting down doing stupid online freelance work (apart from intermittent trips to the kettle for coffee, and some squats :) )

  • No what you mean about wellies! I now buy the short ones wellie bobs...long wellies here I come!

  • You'll need them if you start going round the North Norfolk coast. I was several inches deep in seawater for most of my walk there last wknd! But my feet were all dry in my lovely smart wellies. It's the little things :)

  • Thanks Ruth, I will check out the website :)

    My poor legs aren't in good shape, I have a fankle (fat ankle - not the same as a cankle) think it is from an old injury. I love ankle boots but even they were becoming a problem as I kept piling on the lbs. Pleased to say ankle boots are my friend again. Kept blaming the shops for making them smaller - better than admitting the truth to myself :(

    So pleased for you that you can get back into a nice pair of wellies - makes it all worthwhile :)

    Have a great weekend!

  • I was blaming the shops too. Turns out they were doing their job, and my calfs were growing to bonkers proportions. Sorry to hear about your ankle. In that case stretches will definitely help.

  • Hi ruth, suggestion of a day rest between walks has sorted out my swollen ankles . Thanks.

  • Thanks Ruth. I'd like to get the GP to check it but I know they'll blame my weight so want to get a bit more weight off first.

    I'll start the stretches tomorrow :)

  • Sound's a great dream and with your mindset you'll achieve it. I think you have to have a dream or a vision of where you want to be. For me it's to be on a beach and not be worried about having to cover up and maybe even wear a bikini (gasp!!). Keep up the good work :)

  • Thanks Tuppy! I find the forum keeps me upbeat. .....so the bikini is coming out soon then Tuppy?

  • Haha oh I'm not sure about that! We are going to book a spain holiday next year though so have a while to fully tone myself! lol! I'll stick with my denim shorts for now! ;).

  • Look, your name has changed on old posts...it's like magic! 😄😃😀😊☺️🎈🐯🎠🎉🎊

  • Haha :)

  • Fab!!!! Good luck

    To you!!! X

  • Hi nanashon.....one day at a time....and feeling good!

  • Good luck PortlandPrincess. I missed this post when you originally put it up, such an excellent dream to have, and would also love to join you for part of your route. I love going to the coast, and even go for daytrips with my bf, we take our bikes with us on the train. There are so many different types of coasts. Mega hills e.g. the Seven Sisters in Sussex, or very flat but full of marshland/mini rivers at Norfolk. My favourite bit of coast is Dungeness where it's just open and flat, and actually expanding, it's Britain's only desert apparently. Then there's Whitby with the dramatic views from the ruined Abbey, there's all those Scottish Islands, and if you fancy including Ireland in your journey, all those amazing sunsets to see off the West Ireland coast...

  • Oh Ruth...it's like listening to country file porn! Getting really excited about this is I know it can be a reality.....

  • I remember doing a school geography field trip at Dungeness - measuring groynes... !

    And I've never been to Whitby but isn't that where Dracula landed ? (such a great piece of writing - in case you've never read it ! His arrival to England is so dramatic and sends shivers down your spine)

  • What's the title?....my favourite start to a book is withering heights....fabulously atmospheric. There's another walk I'll do across the moors!

  • Bram Stoker "Dracula" - I would heartily recommend it (but not if you are in the house on your own) !!

    Wuthering Heights in on my pile of reading (read it a long time ago, so about due a re-read) so I will look out for the beginning. I love 19th C. literature - reading Elizabeth Gaskell's Cranford at the moment :-)

    In fact, I find reading a real help with trying to take my mind off snacking. I work from home so I'm always tempted when slightly bored to wander off to find what's in the fridge. Instead what I'm trying to do is pick up a book and read for 10 minutes 'til I summon up enthusiasm to get back to whatever I should be doing !

  • No what you mean about wandering to the fridge. Interesting how we open the door to check if there's any thing there we might have missed on the other ten look sees! 19C writing......I'm so boring always go for pride and prejudice read it 20 times and can get through it now in about 2 hours when I'm in a low moment....just love it. 21C like ' the 100 yr do man who climbed out of the window and disappeared...joyful!

  • What a lovely dream :-)

  • Need to hold onto my dream but know it's one day at a time.....thank you Lucca....and what's yours....you know reaching for the stars bit?

  • Hmm - not sure I've got one particular goal in mind, but just a series of little things.

    I'd love to be able to buy clothes that I like, instead of settling for whatever they have in my size, I'd like to really get into a good running habit. I had my name down for a 10k a couple of years ago, and was in quite good training for it (wouldn't have done it very quickly mind you !), but never ended up doing it due to various excuses- so perhaps I'd like to sign up again and actually run it this time. Just feel a bit more confident about myself really I think, a bit more me !

    You'll get to those coast paths :-) :-)

  • And you'll be running the marathon!

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