Thank you!

Daughters birthday this weekend. Without you, dear forum buddies, I'd be thinking about giving up for the day....that would lead to another day off as it's Sunday and then give up on the bank holiday Monday too. Most of us know what will happen then!

But I'll be making cheesecake today. That will sit nicely next to the birthday cake. Walking up the hill too, will post a pic one day and you'll see it's no mean feat.

Have you got any other top tips for distraction or foody ideas?

(And I know I post a lot, it stops me thinking and eating food....and I like your company!)


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14 Replies

  • One tip - I don't know if you've got into herbal teas (yet!) but they're proving a real lifesaver for me. I've started making myself a herbal tea, or even a normal tea, even if I don't desperately fancy one, esp if there are potential temptations around me, as then I will just drink it and it stops me being tempted to snack. Maybe putting the kettle on a few times during the party will help distract others among the adult attendees from overindulging too and then if people are generally eating less cake there will be less social pressure for you to have too much too. Good luck with the cheesecake. Will you be making Shellie's recipe?

  • Yep, just got the ingredients. And am experimenting with the teas....let you know how it goes.

  • Finding teas very helpful, tonight I feel quite bloated so back to ferrel tea for me, hoping it soothes a bit

  • Did you mean fennel. Lol spell cheeeeeeeekers. If not where do you get them from? Sounds risky

  • Hey hun, post away - love reading regular posts from others. Have you tried my recipe for samosas on a past post? They make ideal party food too, are filling without the calories and look good on a buffet table. Have a lovely Sunday for your daughters birthday, rack up wonderful memories without guilt - whatever you choose to eat. 😊

  • I'll be looking for that recipe too! Love this new part of my life. Cooking is fun.

  • Chicken sausages on cocktail sticks 😃😃

  • Good one thanks

  • Just make sure you've got a plentiful supply of healthy stuff around so you can join in on your own terms. As for the rest of them. Let 'em eat cake!

  • Mediterranean , Virgin oil kebabs .....go me!

  • The last social occasion I was at I made myself really listen to people and ask questions.

    Getting involved and interested in others and finding out things about people you never knew before can often distract you from the food and drinks around you :)

  • Am looking forward to it...bought some lovely non alcoholic drinks....mainly for me I think. How was the gym, did you go?

  • I had all day Thursday and Friday morning before going back to work and I reckon I achieved less in that day and a half that I was achieving every morning before work! lol

    Went to the dentist, movies, had lunch with a friend and suddenly it was time to get back to work.

    After 4 weeks of intense diet and exercise and immersion in a new healthy lifestyle I think I just needed a couple days off but I plan to go Tuesday or Wednesday morning. Not avoiding just taking a breath but I like that you asked :)

  • I would have done the catching up with life too!

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