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Feeling fantastic this morning, in total so far I have lost 49lbs, I'm 5ft 1 and used to be 11 stone, (almost obese) and I'm now 7 stone 7lbs, sitting at the lower end of the healthy weight scale. I lost a large majority of my weight through smaller portion sizes, and cutting out fizzy drinks (I now drink just flavoured water, without sugar), and I rarely have sweets or crisps. I do have the occasional chocolate item because I want this to be a lifestyle change that is maintainable and not something that is a short term fix. However I always count my calories, but because I am a smaller person I find I have to eat less calories than most other people so it is a little tricky, and requires more effort, but so far I have been able to do okay with the occasional minor 'slip-up', which I counter-balance by eating a bit less the next day or exercising a bit more. I feel happier than I've ever felt and I have lost 3 dress sizes, now I'm a size 10 and I feel great. Now I'm a bit lighter I have taken up yoga and running and this morning I managed to shave 6 minutes off my total running time (I run about 4.5km at the moment, but I'm building it up over time), my goal is to run 5km in less than 30 minutes, so I'm optimistic about my progress.

It's always been super motivating to read other success stories on this forum and keep track of people's progress, and I never thought that I'd be at the position I am now.

If I can do it, there must be hope for everyone else and I wish everyone luck on their journeys :)


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11 Replies

  • Well done for losing the weight but even more so for keeping it off. I am the same height as you and although I have never been as big as you were at the beginning, I have lost a stone and a half more times than I care to remember.

    I have just started week 4 of the 12 week plan and have lost 3.6 kg so far and am now just back to a bmi of 25 (phew!)

    I aim to lose another 3 to 5kg. I have been very happy with how I look at that weight. I am already a size 8 trouser.

    I have increased my exercise including strength work and so hope that because of this I will be able to keep the weight off this time.

    You prove it can be done. Thanks .

    I need to commit to weekly weigh ins for life. Maybe we need a new forum like this that will keep us accountable in maintenance!

  • Thank you, it sounds like you're doing really well, you'll be there in no time :) yes I agree, once the weight is lost, it really comes down to maintenance and requires a lot of effort to hold on to that healthy lifestyle!

    Good luck with the rest of your weight loss :)

  • Hi GirlAtMidnight,

    Your post is so inspiring, and you've made such amazing progress. Thanks for sharing the things that have helped you to achieve it. It's great that you're enjoying the running too, and that you're on target to achieving being able to run 5km in less than 30 minutes, that is fast! Sounds like you're getting very close to reaching your target distance and time.

    Yoga sounds very relaxing - a good contrast to the running. But I've not done yoga, so I'm not sure if I'm just 'imagining' that it might be like - it may not necessarily feel relaxing when you're doing it... I know there are several different types of yoga.

    Anyway, I just wanted to Congratulation you on your amazing weight loss journey.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thanks lowcal, I really appreciate your words of support. Losing weight was such a daunting prospect to me to start off with and I thought I would never do it, so I'm so happy to have reached the point I'm at now. Yoga is relaxing (for me) and it really helps with muscle strength and flexibility which is something that makes running a lot easier as running can be tough on the muscles (legs and hips especially) and I've also found that yoga has improved my balance immensely too. I split up my yoga practice into 3 different sections and I do a different section on each day, so day one I do hatha yoga, day 2 I do yoga to work on my core and balance and day 3 I do flow yoga. It doesn't feel like a work out (which is a bonus) it's really fun and relaxing and helps with toning now that I'm nearig the weight I want to be :)

    Best wishes!

  • Thank you for your post - I really do appreciate reading the success stories. Makes me think Yes I can do it!

  • Of course you can do it, just keep at it, and try to stay positive :) everyone has bad days and that's okay, you just have to keep going. Good luck!!

  • Hi G. A. M, You must be so pleased with yourself! Thats an amazing achievement! I'd struggle to cycle 5k in that time! That's about a bag of cement you've lost - that's my overall target! - just go to B&Q and see if you can pick one up!

    Be Very Very Proud!

  • Well done, what a fantastic result! I'm following a similar plan to you - lifestyle change but have a fair bit further to go.

    Hope you are enjoying your new slim figure :)

  • Absolutely amazing you should be so proud of yourself. Well done and enjoy everything you have achieved.

    I'm in awe and you can now know that you too are one of the inspirational stories.

    Have a fantastic week.

  • Wow, great success story. It's so difficult when you're short, (you make me feel quite tall at 5'2"), you must be teeny tiny these days; well done enjoy your new self.

  • This is SUCH an inspiring post - thank you for popping in and sharing your good news.

    Thats just awesome - you must be so proud of yourself :)

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