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Have come to a stand still

I had been following the programme off and on for a while and then the start of June I really hit it. Since then I have lost 1 stone 8lbs and really proud of myself, I'm down a dress size and feeling overall a lot more energetic and better in myself. The only thing is the last couple of weeks I seem to have come to a stand still. I've slowly started creeping in with slightly naughty habits here and there and on Saturday night was invited out for my brother-in-law's birthday and ate chinese and had two glasses of wine!! I'm not beating myself up over that as it was a bad day and I am determined I won't let it be a bad week but I don't know why I'm losing the incentive when I am so pleased with the results so far. In three weeks I've only lost 2.5lbs which isn't great and I just need a boost but I don't know what that boost is!! Sorry for the very negative post, not really sure why I've written this but sometimes writing things down can help focus me so here's hoping!

Hope everyone else's journey is going well :)

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I'm not sure what to tell you apart from going back to basics.

Because you have lost so much weight and feel great you might be forgetting how much work it took you to get here.

Start counting calories, watching your portions - try to remotivate yourself into those basic things because they are what keeps you in check when things get a little tough.

Hang in there - this is just a little bump - I KNOW you can do this :)


Things sometimes get in the way and we become complacent. Look at your routine and see if you can tweak anything. Get down to all the planning you did at the start and really look at what you are eating. Writing things down really helps me and makes me take ownership of my own behaviour. Have you got a goal you are working towards like a holiday or fitting in a dress you haven't been able to get into.

Be so proud of yourself and all you have done so far, it's amazing !!!!!!

Hope you have a great week.


I know exactly how you feel, you are about the stage that I always get to, and end up putting the weight back on. I agree with Jo that we end up getting complacent sometimes, and think that because we've managed to get to where we are, its ok to fall off the wagon a bit, because its easy to get back on - except I never seem to manage it !!

Can you rejig your eating plan a bit, find some new recipes to try ? Perhaps you've got a bit bored with what you are eating ? Perhaps concentrate on making some great (low cal) desserts, if that is what you like ? (I've found a lovely recipe for peanut butter and banana ice cream ;-) - probably not very low cal though :-( )

Hope you manage to get that boost :-)

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I just read a post about banana and whisked egg pancakes. Ruth canal runner has wonderful flapjack recipes....just a case of digging deep and carrying on. One and half stone is excellent and you had a lovely time. Good luck.

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Hi Everyone, Thanks so much for all the support and ideas. I think you are right Lucca10, I've almost fallen off the wagon and I keep telling myself I will get back on 'tomorrow' but isn't quite happening!

I don't have a goal as such Jo - I had hoped to lose a stone by September but did that! I ideally would like to lose a total of 4 stone 4 lbs by my 30th birthday but that isn't until March so not sure if that will be enough of a push?? I am determined not to turn 30 fat!

It's evenings and weekends I struggle! At work I have no problem and eat very healthily, it's just when my routine goes I find it hard to be good. I just need to really focus myself and like you are all saying make it more exciting somehow!

I joined the gym last week and have been three times in a week and have loved it so hopefully this will be a good boost.

Thanks so much for all the support - it's really nice seeing everyone being so positive to one another and really helping people out! Hope you all have done well so far this week



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