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A heavy weekend and 1st weigh-in

Well week one was a good start, However it just seems like good old sods law that on the week of a life changing decision me and the wife are invited out. Long story short I DRANK TOO MUCH CIDER :-) and even had a chippy tea lol. Now I am not going to beat myself about it, To be fair a night out is a very rare occasion, this was the first drink night out in about 2 years. So what I will do is concentrate on the positive's. I did my first weigh in and despite the boozy weekend I was down to 100.5 this was from 102.7 so I am Delighted with the start. Time for week 2 and no more boozy weekends for a long time. I am sure that next weeks numbers will be even better..

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Yep alcohol and diets do not mix for many reasons, especially in the early days when your willpower is still developing but life happens. What can you do?

I assume thats 2.2 KILOS you have lost? Which is fantastic all things considered.

Keep focused - your week of eating healthier is showing.


Thanks Dave I am really happy with the loss 👍


I have had a few fish and chips and cider nights out on my weight loss journey. It is possible to have chips and stay on plan, but you have to have much less (like half). Also, yes, loads of cider will not help! I try to drink in halfs rather than pints now. I don't know how easy that would be for you? Or if you don't mind bitter, could you have pints of bitter shandy instead? Much lower cals and still looks like a pint. But all in all what an amazing loss! It shows how much of an effect the rest of your changes have had. You're right it is life-changing - this means it needs to be sustainable! You need to find ways to fit nights out like this into your future lifestyle, even if it is a rare occurrence, so maybe work out how to have the same experience of going on a night out and celebrating/having a great time, but not completely blowing out on unhealthy choices. Good luck for week 2 :)

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Hi Johnygail,

Congratulations on losing weight despite having your cider and chippy meal. I like cider, and I like chips, and they do go well together!

You have had a great start - you enjoyed your night out and you've lost 2.2 kilos in weight (amazing!), and you're feeling positive and motivated. That's brilliant! You obviously worked hard at the other days to keep on the healthy eating plan, and your hard work has paid off.

Enjoy your week.

Lowcal :-)

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