Week 12

Well, I reached the end of week 12 and I am 17lb lighter. Keeping a food diary has really helped. On my first week my average daily intake was 1,900 and

I still lost 1lb. My intake is now on average 1,400 per day. I am going on holiday tomorrow and will be away for ten days. I will then resume my regime. I will do my best not to overdo it, but what can you do. I will start and exercise plan as yet I have not begun exercising. Wish me luck. But for everyone wanting to lose weight, keep going and take control.


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11 Replies

  • While away firstly have a great time.

    You can limit the damage by being more active whilst enjoying yourself. Walking whilst sightseeing enioy swimming and sports etc.

    Just remain mindful about what you eat. Lollies and frozen yogurt are both usually less calories than ice cream. Drink water or tea at least some of the time rather than alcohol or milky drinks. Look out for healthier options where you can and hopefully you will come home having maintained rather than gain weight.

    Have a fab time

  • Thanks, that is very good advice.

  • Congratulations on losing 17lbs in 12 weeks, that's a really good result. When you're away plan when you will have treats, maybe a couple of specific meals out, and try to stick to healthy options the rest of the time. If you stick to healthy choices most days and do lots of walking then you should be fine. What exercise do you plan to do?

  • I am not much of a snacker to be honest and I have (at home) one treat a day. That treat is three squares of Cadbury's Dairy Milk (100 calories), this has stopped all my chocolate cravings. I will try to stick to healthy choices. Thanks, Oh and for exercise, I plan to use a rowing machine.

  • You sound really organised. Have a great, well deserved break :)

  • Have you thought of c25k for exercise. I lost weight and had never really ran before,but it has made so much difference.

    Enjoy your hols.

  • Whenever I work away I always use it as an opportunity to mix up my diet in a healthy way. You'll probably find some really satisfying ways of staying on track and at the same time you can notice how much better you look and feel being 17lb lighter!

    Have a lovely break!

  • Well done, that's a great result you should be very pleased with your achievement. Over the last 12 weeks I'm sure you have learned a lot about portion size and what is and isn't ok to eat, I expect your appetite has changed also so you may find you're not able to eat the amount you used to before starting your 12 week plan. It's important you relax and enjoy your holiday, we all have to have a break and enjoy life from time to time, be mindful about what you're eating but don't be obsessed, you will soon correct any minor gain when you come home. Have a great holiday.

  • Well done for all your great work so far. Hope you have a fantastic holiday and enjoy every minute of it. As long as all your choices are not bad you will be fine.

  • wow that's a great achievement, good motivation for us newbies, enjoy the holiday!

  • If you keep to your portion sizes of foods that satisfy (not stimulate) your appetite, you will still enjoy your holiday and maintain weight-loss. We should enjoy what we eat, drink and do :-)

    All the best!

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