Monday weigh in

168pounds or 12stone

So that's me

48 years, 5foot7 and at the heaviest I've ever been.

However it's a starting point and I can only praise the practise nurse this morning who said she would put me forward for the 12 week lifestyle course. Here's hoping they accept me. But if not I am not giving up. One step at a time.

On that note I am going walk the dog again, then have my tea as I am ravenous lol


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10 Replies

  • How about the online Nhs 12 week plan. I started at 12st1 and am down to 11st3 so far. And way shorter than you at 5'4". It can be done!

  • Here's hoping you get accepted. But I'm sure you can do it anyway. Walk that dog it's the best exercise ever. Enjoy a healthy tea. I'm just about to eat spag bol with courgette spaghetti and fruit salad.

  • I'm about to make a quorn stir fry and scoop it in lettuce leaves instead of having rice/noodles. Half of it is making sure it's familiar foods and tasty but low in cals. Enjoy your courgetti bolognese :)

  • courgette Bolognese was delish and tonight its the sauce spiced up with chilli and bunged on a jacket potato as been busy and only just got home.

    Have a great week keep up the good work.

  • Go for it, you obviously feel ready to make the change. You are so right, take it one step at a time, no rush .

    Have a look at the NHS choices 12 week plan, it's a good sensible start with loads of advice and support.

    Good luck


  • Hi Hubbardhovis67,

    Welcome to the forum. If you can't find the NHS choices 12 week plan, here is a link, incase you want to take a look:

    It's really good, lots of useful advice and a good structure.

    Good luck with your weight loss journey.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Yes I'll have a look at the plan, all got to good. Might take them few weeks get in touch.

    Jacket pot, beans cheese and lambs lettuce👍

    Have saved myself a options hot Chocy for tonight.

    Sort my lunch bag for tomorrow.

    Complete fit app, which is z great tip, one more dog walk and that's me for the night.

    Can't munch if I'm asleep lol

  • what's the 12 week lifestyle course xx

  • Hi Dillydally1,

    Here's a link to it, so you can see what you think:

    Lowcal :-)

  • Hi Hubbardhovis, I'm in a similar position being 175 pounds height 5 foot 8.

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