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One of my kids loves Subway, personally I find the smell of the place nauseous - always have. BUT they do salad bowls. These bowls are fabulous for making your own salads up at home and stacking in the fridge ready to add whatever dressing, etc... when you are ready to eat. My base salad consists of baby leaf, rocket and iceberg, cucumber, red onion, mixed colour sweet peppers, and mangetout for crunch. I make 3 bowls up at a time and add things like tomato, sweetcorn, etc.. when ready to eat. I don't like dressings so just season with a shake from a pepper pot that I have mixed celery salt, pepper and paprika in. To my salad I add a little strong cheese or some chicken - whatever I fancy really, The whole bowl averages out at 250 - 300 kcals each time.

So if you know anyone who eats Subway salads, get them to save you the lidded bowls.😊😊

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It's like you're making your own takeaways. I use old chinese takeaway tubs for my salads. It always gives me a little feeling of satisfaction how much salad I get in there, compared to the calorific contents that were originally rammed in when I originally acquired them :)

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