As we are posting before images!

As we are posting before images!

This is me in March this year cycling up the Gospel Pass in Wales at about 115kg! I'd been losing weight before this but as I realise now, not very seriously. Completely fooling myself - albeit very happy to be 200 miles into a fantastic bike ride. Struggling more than I'd like acknowledge with the effort. Using exercise to justify the next coffee & bun stop!


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2 Replies

  • Looking pretty fit! I also carried the extra weight well as a keen cyclist, but got to nearly 2 stone overweight and started to notice increased breathlessness especially walking up stairs or on long hilly walks. I learned to run as I've convinced myself cycling wasn't keeping me fit anymore, my body has got too used to it. Although hopefully when the 2 stone are gone it'll be a different story - I'm already feeling the difference in fitness. Looking forward to seeing your after pic :)

  • Wow even carrying the extra weight you were a lot fitter than me. I couldn't even dream of doing that ride. Well done you! Keep going you are doing great.

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