I really hate this!

Have been doing really well for the past 3 days - its about 7:00 p.m. here in Sydney

As I have mentioned a few times the one ting that could bring me unstuck is the supermarket and stopping for chocolate - its literally 2 minutes from my house.

The last 2 nights I have had a podcast for health and fitness to listen to on my iphone as I drive by there but I left my earbuds at home so I can't do that.

I can already feel my stomach tightening up and this familiar kind of empty hole feeling as I think about that trip home in 2 hours. Internally there is already a struggle happening.

I know this all sounds melodramatic or over the top but its exactly what happens to me. Its really the ONLY time in my day I even consider eating badly and it just seems to consume me, this feeling of desperate hunger that can only be solved by chocolate and lots of it.


I am hoping that talking/typing it is going to help get it out of my system.

Whenever I have felt this way before I ALWAYS give in and think

"Well I'll start again tomorrow"

but this is one of the rare times when I actually have thought

"No I really don't want to waste 3 days of good eating and exercise by ramming 1500 calories down my throat in one sitting".

Bloody hell thats pretty much a FULL DAYS CALORIES for me in one go. I didn't realise that until now.


So frustrating. The intensity of these cravings is mind boggling and I know that the more days I can resist the weaker they will be come but damn right now its hard.

I am pushing myself hard to just get past there. Once I am in my street I know I will not go back for chocolate.

Thats me right now.


P.S. I have just been comparing this to when I quit smoking and what I did to counter cravings when I was driving. Chewing gum and... barking. I would actually start to spontaneously bark like a dog at passing traffic. I know it sounds insane but it completely took power away from the craving and by the time I get home I am in a good mood from laughing at myself. I really want to push myself to do that.

Later....Right - the picture above is my reminder to bark. Hey I figure you have to do whatever it takes...right?


It was weird - I knew within 5 minutes of leaving work that I was NOT going to buy the chocolate. It was such a relief...I actually relaxed completely, enjoyed the drive home, sang along to the radio and yes - I barked at the supermarket as I drove by smirking! :D

I got home, pulled in, saw a Fitbit message that I still had 1000 or so steps to get to 10,000 so got out of the car and did a mile walk BACK to the supermarket, bought some plain greek yoghurt that I can now have with a splodge of honey and half a mashed up banana.

Chocolate can SUCK IT! :)

Of course I am all hot and sweaty now from my power walk so have no interest in even having the low cal dessert I had planned - that can be for tomorrow!

Thanks for listening guys - I feel like this was a bit of a turning point for me in the war against chocolate.

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23 Replies

  • Leave a banana in your car. This will take away hunger pains and sugar cravings.

    Good luck!

  • OMG thats perfect! I forgot I actually HAVE a banana here at work - its going in the bag! :)

  • I gave up chocolate for one month, knowing that at the end of the month I could have it again. By the time I got to the end of the month the cravings had pretty much gone and now I only want it very occasionally and even then I am satisfied with a square or two of dark chocolate. Worth a try!

  • Update above - thanks for listening :)

  • Go Dave!!!! You can do this. Your posts have really helped me when I am facing temptation. I hope this helps you. May be a daft question but can you drive a different way home to avoid the temptation? Make sure you post again later letting us know how you get on.

  • There are two different ways I can drive home but because of where the supermarket is I have to go past it whatever way I go.

    Funny isn't it? I have never EVER asked for this kind of help before when I have tried dieting in the past years. Looks like I am learning something...

    I was then about to type "So you CAN teach an old dog new tricks" but considering my BARK picture that all seems a little to punny ;)


  • How annoying that you have to drive past the shop. Banana instead then ☺️

  • Update above - thanks for listening :)

  • I like the idea of barking ... hate bananas though! But I know that I will struggle in a couple of days - I can be 'good' for 3/4 days then it all goes out the window. My plan for cravings is to give myself a refreshing drink of very cold fizzy water with ice and a slice and pretend it is a G&T...and I am going to try barking.... arff...arff

    [as long as everyone doesn't think I am barking mad...]

    And Dave, you have to stay on this because your posts are encouraging and interesting.

  • Thanks thats really nice of you to say:)

    And I think admitting the problem, vocalising my fear now makes me accountable.

    I really DON'T want to have to sit down in 45 minutes when I get home and admit that I folded on this forum...that the chocolate won.

    Fingers crossed! Ruffff!

  • Update above - thanks for listening :)

  • Dave! Did you make it home?

    What about that lovely bit at the end of the day when you log your calories in MyFitnessPal and it says "You hit your goal... in 5 weeks you're going to weight ______"

    Don't think about 5 minutes of pleasure

    Think about you in 5 weeks, smugly having to buy smaller jeans!

  • Update above - woohoo!

  • Hi Dave, well done you for resisisting the chocolate temptation. It's great that you not only managed to resist but also went for an extra walk to make certain that you got up to 10,000 steps. Great achievement!

  • Well done Dave. You are an example to us all!

  • Hi Dave,

    Sounds like you did a good self talk and turned it all around, hope you are feeling really chuffed with yourself.

    Why not keep something in the car over here you can get sugar free sweets, I find them really good when I want something sweet without reaching for the 'devil'😈 I know it's not the same but I cannot be as disciplined as some and only have a little at a time, I'm a all or nothing girl.

    I recently bought something called ' choc shot' it's a choc sauce that can be used for all sorts and is 14 cals a teas, the hit is really choccy and I have it on toast for brekkie, it can also be made as a drink.

    What about having a low cal choc drink before the drive home, it's called options and 40 cals but cadburys do one as well, they must sell them over the pond !!!!

    The choc is Sweet Freedom choc shot, website is choc shot.co.uk.


  • Its weird I have only become a chocoholic since I gave up drinking . When I eat large quantities of it I can DEFINITELY feel a bit of dopamine rush from it so I think my brain has just decided that if I can't numb myself with alcohol or soothe myself with nicotine then I'll hug myself with chocolate.

    I suspect like smoking I have to go cold turkey on the chocolate and just avoid it completely, at least for a few months.

    Right now I think it's its just another thing that is trying to redirect my attention from having to buckle down and get healthy so best to just dump it :)

  • Suck it Chocolate!

  • Well done, that takes great willpower and you have proved to yourself that you can do this. Just think if you have a weak moment again you can think back to this and realise if you resisted once you can resist again.

  • Good on you Dave

    you are such a fantastic motivator on here....please don't give in!!!

    We had a Team meeting day yesterday at work and everyone was treat to whatever they wanted for lunch and a massive cream bun...... I actually sat with everyone else whilst they all ate their buns and ate my 4 grapes instead............I am proud of myself...but why should I give in when I am working hard in the gym..its just not worth it....Keep up the good work ...we love to hear from you

  • aaaaaww thumbs up love...well done

  • Well done Dave keep your mind-set right and chocolate won't be a problem:)

    I haven't touched chocolate or cakes for 19 weeks and 3 days and it doesn't bother me which I'm amazed at due to feeling like I was addicted to it!!

    Got up on the 1st April and thought not gonna be a fool no more and not touched it since!

    Some say don't deprive yourself just have a little bit but for me that just doesn't work, I'm a all or nothing kinda girl! lol

    Why oh why do friends and family say go on have a bit or why not have a drink?

    I don't want to!! I want to be healthy

    Do I go on at them and say why are you stuffing your face with crap or pouring drink down your neck that's doing you no good at all?

    Let me have my cup of tea and my fruit salad with Greek yogurt I'm happy as Larry! (Whoever Larry may be LOL)

    Sorry for going on one but feel better already:)

  • Well done! I had the same problem at a meeting in a lovely pub yesterday, luckily I planned ahead and only took enough money for a cup of tea.... I wasn't all good because I had a sugar in my tea, but it beat having the roast beef sandwich with gravy.... The chocolate thing doesn't bother me I have a savoury tooth and have chocolate in the house for the kids as a treat every now and again.

    I was starving on the way home but made it past Gregs even though the cheese and onion pasties were calling (I'm a northerner you see!)

    Never thought to bark at all but do sing aloud when driving alone, apparently my singing voice should not be shared with others!

    Think we both deserve a pat on the back for breaking the habit, along with the many others going through the same struggle every day!

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