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Honesty Time

So after yesterdays "slip up" today's been much better

So i thought i'd do some self reflecting on why i'm here today, what got me here, and how completing this would change allot for me..

I'm Here as i need to loose my weight, it's become a huge problem, all day everyday i think about it, can i fit there, will it hold me, how do other people see me - growing up i was not big to my knowledge, i think the gain started around high school (11years old) given money and basically spent it how i wanted and not healthily, didn't exercise on in PE which around 15years old i refused to take part so never exercised at all, there was always the occasional jibes from others, but never took them seriously at around that age i favored all the bad food "knowing there where bad" would have huge meals and snack constantly then have takeouts that midnight about 3days a week, when i finished school i was around 17stone, joined college "i was the biggest in the group" after the first year i weight about 18st 7lbs that summer i decided to diet successfully lost 3stone by November 2012 then weighing 15st 7lbs tried to keep it steady but just lost it and couldn't get back on it, then carried on eating like old times, weight kept changing between then and may2015 - thats when i started taking my weight serious My first weigh-in was 19st 12lbs My problem being was i liked all bad foods and i mean ALL there was no limit! i moved from the family home MAR2014 with my twin brother, i thought independent living would help with weight-loss and diet, 1st year i never really took charge, but now i am!!

My adult life i have NEVER experienced being THIN and that's what i wish to do! Just little things like feeling comfortable in my own body, taking clothes off and not feeling self-conscious, fitting well in the bath, not being the biggest in the family, And many many more reasons............

Thanks for reading,

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You can do it. I was 57 when I finally got my head right and decided to do something about my obesity and sedentary life. One year on I'm 7 stones lighter and quite fit, doing 4 hard workouts a week. Nothing has come easy but I am now at a stage where resisting bad food is not a problem anymore. I only eat fresh food, no takeaways, limit carbs and virtually no sugar. I can now fairly confidently say I have changed my lifestyle and will not go back. Weight is still going down but more slowly now and even so I'm am still overweight according to BMI but not too worried about that as my weight training has increased lean muscle mass.

Nothing is easy but try and make the decision that you are changing how you live permanently and not just till you have lost a few stones. It does alter how you look at your diet.


Hi Andy2120,

I can relate to what finally motivated you. I had been yo yo dieter all my life and 18 moths ago had a stroke at 53. Did lose a lot of weight but from dec 2014 old habits crept back and had put on nearly a stone. We sometimes need to take a hard look at ourselves and be honest to ourselves about life and health.

I restarted the 12 week NHS choices and although weight loss has not been as steady as first go I am heading in the right direction.

I walk most days and go to a circuit class twice a week and really enjoy.

Life is for living😃

Have a good week


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Hi Rjay95, well done you for your honesty and also passing the first hurdle and facing up to the reality of your weight and the road ahead. You've already taken a massive step in signing up to the forum are you planning to follow the 12 week nhs plan or another diet? I am only in week one so cannot really comment on how difficult/easy the 12 week plan is but I can comment on the support from this forum. Just reading messages on here and understanding what everyone is experiencing is a big help with the motivation and keeping you on track. Good luck.

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Don't want to be thin. Never wanted to be thin. Just want to lose some weight, and then keep it off.

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Hi RJay Good for you for taking the steps you've taken. Its a whole lot easier than you might think to do this. I met someone today who lost 65KG over the course of 18 months. I was amazed! I asked him how he did it- he said he had to be really courageous and go to the gym, learn all about healthy eating, work out how to eat healthy and just do it. He focussed on what he was gaining not what he might have been missing out on. I'm using the NHS weight loss program and its working. So my advice would be focus on what you are gaining and enjoy the program!

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