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Hey guys I'm new here so I thought I would say hi!! And also I'm confused...😕...I put in my details for my BMI and I found out i am obess which I accept,but what I can't get my head around is the weight I need to lose to b considered a healthy person,I need to be between 6st to 9st 7...that's a shock to me as I would have thought that is borderline anorexic weight?I'm 5 ft1 and 13 and a half stone,but the last time I was around that weight was when I was hitting puberty,does my weight loss really have to be that extreme to b considered,dare I say,normal?

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The right weight for everyone depends a lot on muscle mass and activity levels so inches around your waist might also be a more useful guide for you.

I remember, before I got started, being blown away at how much I had to lose (5stone) and how long it would take. I still am overwhelmed but that thought but actually I started feeling some benefits within almost immediately.


Hi and welcome

I'm about the same height as you and to get to a healthy BMI you should weigh between about 7 and 9.5 stone. Not sure where the 6 stone comes from?

I started out with about 16 stone and am now just under 12.

My aim is to get to around 8 - the medium BMI for healthy weight at my height...

But I always set myself smaller goals, such as a certain dress size, a BMI, a stone at a time etc...

I'm sure you'll be fine!

Good luck!


Hi. I am 5'1" and aiming for 9 stone. I am 52 and I think that is a fine weight for me. The BMI is based on no scientific evidence, Google its history.

Anything less than 9 stone is unachievable for me and I won't be able to eat anything to maintain it.

Be kind to yourself and find a weight which you can feel good at and still live and eat well.

Losing weight is really tough so well done for starting.


Completely agree with the last reply the bmi is a bit controversial, there was a panorama program about its history maybe you will be able to find on youtube - just set a target you will be happy with 😄


BMI is only a rough guide, at best. Much better to go by how healthy you are and how active you want to become. You need to lose the visceral fat that accumulates around your middle and you can check this with a tape measure: aim for a waist measurement approximately half your height.


If you know you are obese, if you plan to do something sensible about it, you have plenty, plenty, plenty of time before you need to consider where to stop... it's the getting started, in a way you can sustain, that is worth thinking and acting on now! Most people need smaller shorter term goals eg 5kgs at a time to be successful long term.

I lost 20kgs to go from obese to healthy BMI. However, at the top end of the stated range I know I am carrying weight I don't need around my middle.


I am six feet tall and have already lost not far off 7 stone. My partner is now telling me that I have lost enough weight and will start to look haggard if I lose anymore yet I am still 1 stone 4 lbs off a healthy BMI. I have been doing quite a lot of weight training and have definitely gained lean muscle mass so I'm not going to worry too much about BMI but I still have a bit of a belly that I'm desperate to get rid off.

Not helpful when people tell you that you don't need to lose any more weight when you yourself know that you do.


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