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Re-introducing Treats

Re-introducing Treats

I've stopped counting the number of weeks I've been working on my weight now, but it's a fair few.

By this point mentally I've come a very long way. I've learned how much food is a day's worth, what foods to eat when and I've done more reading on nutrition than I did for my degree.

Safe to say, I'm well equipped with the tools I need to complete this journey but there's just one more thing to do: reintroduce foods that feel indulgent whilst using the self control to enjoy them responsibly.

Ok, this does not mean eating cake or Pringles or any of my trigger foods, I still clearly can't cope with them yet (as evidenced by nearly 3 weeks off the rails because I slipped up and had a takeaway). However, a sweet treat or small amounts of chocolate actually encourages vwill power and make me feel satisfied and less deprived.

So now, if I've been to the gym and providing I have the calories available, each night I'm allowing myself a highlights hot chocolate with semi skimmed milk and a homemade biscotti biscuit (57 cals) for a total of 170 cals. if I start to over indulge in this then I'll stop it but so far it's been fine :)

I feel very in control at the moment. I don't want to jinx anything but all being well, I've got my mojo back :) just the weekend to get through and I've got lots planned to keep me busy and away from temptation :)


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Hi HanPan, if you are going to maintain your new lifestyle long term you need to be able to have a bit of what you like now and again.

Ok, there are people out there who don't know what it is like to love food (even when it is doing us no good) and it is easy for them to say - oh no I never eat cake & chocolate etc. But for many of us it is a matter of controlling our unhealthy relationship with food and getting back (if we were ever on it) on track.

There are millions of people who can happily eat one chocolate biscuit a day, enjoy it and not feel guilty and the put the packet away (my uncle for instance). Surely the dream is to be one of those people?!

I still have indulgences but I savour them and I remind myself that they are not food but indulgences. If I am hungry I don't eat 5 biscuits, I eat some proper food. I tend do to restrict myself to things under 100 cals if possible, but a bit more on a Friday night :)

I did a similar thing to you and temporarily cut a few things out but never outright banned them. Like you, I now feel more able to control myself and happy only to have one little indulgence and put the packet back in the cupboard.

Yay for us, we are learning! :) :)


Great attitude. It sounds to me as if you've got everything under control. The biscotti look fab. How do you make them?


Hot drink and a healthy small treat has been a post-dinner saviour for me too. Where previously I would have wanted seconds, I now reward myself by clearing everything away and putting the kettle on for a peppermint tea with 2 squares of dark choc and a handful of raisins arranged nicely on a saucer, about the same calories as your snack. These days, a treat like this feels well-earned, too. Love your sophisticated biscotti perched on the side there!

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I felt inspired by your biscotti. So I looked up a low calorie recipe online and have just made them. They look fab and I can't believe how simple it was to make something that seems so sophisticated. I shall 've having one with a cup of coffee this evening. Xx

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