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No goal weight?

Ok so according to my bmi I am obese? I wouldn't call my self obese. I have no major health issues, I did have a back back through putting on to much weight and I notice since losing a stone an half it has got much better. I have no ideal weight I want to be, according to nhs bmi tracker about 65-66 is the top end of my healthy weight. I feel like it will be to low for me. Before I had my son I was around 70 kg and I was kind of happy ( I would be extremely happy if I got back to that ) I am at 80kg now. I know I can loose another 10 kg, just feel like I'm falling off the wagon. I think I would rather be happy with what I looked like rather than what the scales say.

Started on the 13th of April at 90.2kg

Today I am 80kg

So three months and I have lost 10kg. The most since having my son 2 years ago. If I can do it anyone can.

The best advice I could give is not to cut any foods out, portion control is the main thing. Have anything you fancy but tell your self you will have to have a small dinner or lunch because I wanted that doughnut and stick to it. You soon learn when your starving going to bed lol.

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Hi Samryan-19,

Congratulations on losing 10 kg - that's really great. I think it's important to set your goals according to what feels right for yourself. I think that BMI can be a good guideline for many people, but it doesn't always represent the best guide for everyone - especially athletes, or taller people. I use the 'new BMI' measure myself, as I'm 6 feet 1 inch tall, and I've read that the 'normal BMI' measure doesn't represent taller people that well.

I still think the BMI can be useful - but essentially it's how you feel about your own body shape and size that matters.

You're doing really well, and I wish you continued success in achieving your personal goals.

Lowcal :-)


I think that you are quite right about feeling good about yourself. I do have to say that having lost about 14kg I feel much better about my body image, despite knowing that I've still got a long way to go.

I quite agree about not cutting out some foods completely. It's like anything, the moment you ban something everyone wants it!


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