Going into week 6: Changes done and changes still to make

I'm counting this as week 6, even though it's kind of week 7 for me. This is because I'm not counting the week I was at Glastonbury as I didn't track calories or do any exercise. I wanted it to really feel like time off.

So... I'm going into 'week 6' with 9lb lost so far. I also lost 3lb before starting the NHS 12 week plan (through doing couch to 5k in Feb/March this year). So, altogether I've lost 12lb, nearly a stone, from my starting point of 12st4. This feels like a substantial change, so I feel like I must be getting things right. I can now wear my size 14 jeans. They are snug, but not uncomfortable. This is something I haven't been able to do for nearly 2 years. I'm wearing them right now and feeling like my old self again :)

Looking ahead, I have 13lb to go to reach my 10st7 goal, and this now feels manageable, although in theory that could take me another 2-3 months, which feels like a long time. But we're all having to be patient, there's no other way! I have developed some good habits so far, but I still have more changes I want to make. So I'm going to list here the changes I've made and also the changes I'm yet to fully implement:

Changes done so far:

- Developed a salad habit

- Always taking a packed lunch to work (and sometimes a packed dinner for evening shifts too!)

- An apple (almost) every day

- Running at least twice a week

- A long cycle at least once a week

- Massively cut down my alcohol (apart from during Glastonbury :) )

- Developed some non-eating activities to turn to when tempted to snack

Changes still to do:

- Get to bed earlier (by 11pm when possible)

- Get up earlier so I can run without needing to go into work/college late afterwards (go for my run at 7.15)

- Keep more healthy snacks close to hand for when I need them

- Plan more healthy but fun meals that I can have with my bf (who is not on a diet and doesn't like tofu, lentils, salad, strange all-vegetable experiments...)

- Change my evening habits a bit more so I'm less likely to end up on the sofa having snacks/extra glass of wine after dinner

I hope to keep up the habits I've already developed, and keep working on the changes still to do. Watch this space...

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11 Replies

  • What a great post and what a great plan, I love it. You are doing such a good job and getting into your size 14's must put a big grin on your face. I'd be dancing around in them saying woop woop :-) well done I am so happy for you x

    Trafford1 :-)

  • Thanks! I'm walking with my head held very high. I bought these jeans when I was on my way up the scales and never really got to wear them. They were tight when I bought them and then next try wouldn't do up. Now it's like having something really new to wear, even though they've been in my cupboard for ages. I ultimately want to get back into my size 12s, but being in a size 14 is brilliant for the time being :)

  • Great post and great result :-) Your changes sounds really positive and your plans seem do-able - they should help you to shift the rest of the weight. I feel your excitement re your size 14 jeans - I am eagerly anticipating getting back into mine in a few months :-)

  • I love that you state habits learned and habits to learn.

    I'm going to start doing this. It will be very helpful for me.

    Good job Ruth! And good luck x

  • Thanks! Hope it is helpful Mary. Just thought if I write it down, it's a way of committing myself to it all.

  • Great list. Really helpful, a lot of it now looks familiar and That's great and a lot of it sounds fun. Of course Glastonbury is part of a plan to enjoy life more. Has your bf tried smoked tofu?

    I also switched to pack lunches, complete with embroidered napkin and silver cutlery. Moveable salad is an underrated art form.

    Have a good week.

  • I once saw a lady eating a layered salad out of a jam jar. Looked amazing! I'm more of a Tupperware and plastic fork girl myself, but if silver cutlery works for you...

    (My bf is a tiny bit intolerant to things like soya, pulses etc, so he just won't touch it! Smoked tofu is excellent though :) )

  • well done, a great achievement so far, and focused plans for the coming months. Taking a packed lunch also saves money, win/win. We go to bed by 9pm most nights, and snuggle up and watch TV, taking just a cup of tea up with us. Its good chatting time and so relaxing. OH is usually awake by 4:30 and leaves for work between 5:30 and 6. It does leave you feeling like you get loads out of each day (I used to go to bed after midnight). Glasto must of been amazing, and counting cals should be banned for holidays of any type lol, this is a life long eating plan xx

  • That's my dream to become a morning person again like that. But I have too much evening stuff these days, e.g. today and yesterday working 6-10pm shifts. But I think I need to change stuff like this to have a sustainable lifestyle... It's work in progress

  • don't envy you working til 10. did shifts for just over 20 years, it doesn't help with routine at all. I work from home reviewing health cases, but also training to be a foot health practitioner, so I can work for myself again, on my terms. Things often come along when they enhance your life.

  • Sounds like you are doing fantastic congratulations on your weight loss! Xx

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