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My Fridays are my Mondays!

I have decided to get on the weight loss wagon again. I suffered with an eating disorder for years ( now pretty much recovered) and anxiety and depression. I was given Escitalopram about a year ago, at the time I was piling on the pounds due to careless living and let all my good habits slide out the window and traded nights in the gym for nights of beer and curry. Of course I gained a significant amount of weight and in my defence I have been eating well and working hard, tried and tested many things but no weight loss... just more gain. I have now come off the Escitalopram ( not for weight reasons) and I am 5 days medication free.

From research the medication is known for weight gain and can be stubborn when it comes to weight loss.

Of course a lot of changes are happening in my body, however this is also a new chapter for my health and well being which I intend to embrace :)

My week starts on a Friday, so today is day one...with the objective of living healthy, forming good habits, losing weight and maintaining a healthy balance thereafter.

Motivation is not my forte.. so if there is anyone out there looking for a diet buddy to help motivate one another (even with funny work hours) the support would be both reciprocated and appreciated :) x

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Good luck...I'm new to this site so getting used to it...always free for a chat though. My motivation is completely shot at the moment, searching for it frantically. We'll get there 😊


Thank you and the same to you! We'll power through! :)


Hi Sammy Ive also had some health issues and I've been bed ridden for almost a year!😢 I now have severe anxiety and depression and the same as you have also gained weight through my medication, which is making my anxiety and depression worse it's a visus circle.... I could really do with a diet buddy😃 so if you're happy too lets get motivated and before we know it we will be 👙👙👙buddies xx


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