Week 20 weigh-in

So last week I gave myself the week off. I felt a bit miffed about somehow putting on 4lb eating a Chinese take-away and some sweets on father's day. The eventual gain last week 1lb which was pretty good bearing in mind I ate out 2 or 3 times. I didn't completely lose my way and remained mindful and kept up the walking.

So this week I was back on it like a car bonnet and the 1lb gain is off plus 4lb so my net loss over the last 2 weeks is 4lb - exactly on target :) phew!

So at week 20 I can report a total loss of 41lb (only 1lb off 3 stones) and a few lbs over 20% of what I want to lose, so another target hit this week.

Hope everyone else is having a good week :)


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13 Replies

  • Good to hear that the Chinese didn't do lasting damage. And so impressed that you've lost (almost) 3 stone! You sound completely on top of it. Stay positive and determined and lots of luck :)

  • Thanks Ruth :)

  • It's wonderful to hear that you are only 1 lb off 3 stones and congratulation on losing 41 lbs :-) so far on your journey, this is a great achievement and I am really happy for you. Well done sueper x woop woop :-) :-)

  • Thanks Trafford, I was hoping to hit the 3 stones this week but too optimistic really. Fingers crossed for next week :)

    Good luck for your next weigh-in.

  • You have done so well getting back to it sueper. I'm slacking off so must be more mindful. Wish I could go out for walks but my knee is still stopping me. :(

  • Wow; 41lbs is a big wodge of fat to dump - well done you. Keep up the good work - it's so worth it! :D

  • Thanks :) There are a few more wodges to go!

  • An odd blow out won't do any lasting harm. I had a big meal out this week including chips and the next day I had put on 2 1/2 lbs. this cannot be all fat in such a short time. I was really strict after this and the day after the 2 1/2 lbs had gone and even a further 1/2 lb lost. I changed how I eat a year ago and over 6 1/2 stone lost. During that time have had the odd treats plus 2 holidays where I gained 1/2 stone each time. both times I lost this weight gain in a week. I think that a good blow out gives a kickstart to your metabolism and I always seem to lose weight easily for a few days after at least.

    Main thing is to get straight back on it. just after deal with the self imposed guilt each time I have a treat or meal out even though I know I will soon lose it again.

  • Thanks Andy, I do agree with you, I seem to lose more if I ease off for a week. Maintaining an overall average loss of 2lb a week so it is working for me - so far.

    Congratulations of your super loss - you must feel great :)

  • Yes will never go back to my old ways. I was lazy, sendentary and suffering with various aches and pains including sciatica. I now do a quite intense workout 4 times a week, I'm full of energy, walk a lot more and all aches and pains and fairly severe sciatica have gone. Plus I feel a lot better about myself. Downside is its cost me a fortune in clothes but I'll live with that.

  • Oh, I can't wait to spend a fortune on clothes :)

    Well done for getting your life back on track I am a bit behind you but getting there.

  • That's amazing! Wow I've only just started on my 12 week plan but hearing the inspirational stories are great. (Especially how to overcome the hiccups on the way 😉)

    Hope you can take a moment to enjoy your achievement.


  • Thanks Cass :)

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