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Hi all, just joined site been looking through posts, great advice /support really uplifting!

I have put a bit of weight on (2 stone), lost loads of weight years ago through healthy eating and exercise so I know I can do this!

Work is stressful at the moment and my hormones are crazy so know why I have been over eating!

Am going to take each meal / day at a time and focusing on looking after my body again!

Look forward to reading more posts!

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Yes I read these posts e very morning to set me up for the day. Just completed first week lost 2 lb hope they keep me focused. Good luck it's always the last couple of stone which is more difficult to loose.


You sound a little like me in that the weight gained was 2 stone (mine was nearer 2.5!) with a history of being fit and healthy...

Yes you can and will do it!

This time for keeps. I mean to. I am almost three months in and tomorrow is my weekly weigh in but I know I have so far lost a stone and a half and am a few pounds away from 'healthy', after which it is cosmetic loss rather than essential.

👍 here's to success!



Well done you! I love all the positive attitudes, it is rubbing off!


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