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Day 3

So, day 3 of any healthy eating or dieting is always a stumbling block for me. I get bored and complacent because after a couple of days of eating well I no longer feel bloated.

I am determined that today will be different. I was up at 5am us usual as OH goes to work then, and have kept my wandering, snacking hands busy since then lol.

3 loads of washing on the line, lunchboxes done, an hour of ironing, now onto my work at the computer with a coffee. I'm no domestic goddess, just a prolific snacker/grazer, and I have to break this cycle!

I watched David Emmanuel on Lorraine this morning, he was so passionate in the way he said "don't wait" for anything, grab it now. Will hold this thought for today, as it really is mind over matter for me.

Have a lovely sunny day everyone, thanks for reading x

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Day three is always a pain in the *ss, but as you say, keep yourself busy and you will be fine!

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Day 3 was okay, don't know what was different this time. Must be feeling more motivated. I frequently visualise the end goal, the slim, healthy me to remind myself why I'm counting calories and not chocolate buttons lol. Day 4, I'm gonna own it x


Glad to hear! Keep it up!

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