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I have put weight on over the past year, slowly creeping up to 11 stone. I have always been slim, size 10 and able to eat what I wanted. Never really appreciated how lucky I was until now! I have been made redundant so not rushing around as much as I used to. I guess I have been over eating out of boredom or stress or both!! I am finding it really hard to cut down on my food and feel a bit like a rabbit in the headlights...not knowing what to do. My son has told me to just do more exercise, I don't think that's enough? Feel very sluggish, and not being able to wear what I want is a little frustrating. Would appreciate some words of encouragement and wisdom at this early stage....thank you :-)

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Have you looked at the couch to 5k scheme for starting running? I found it a really good way to start and be focused. But as you say its not enough on its own. But you do find your attitude to food changes which def helps :)


Thank you! I will have a look at it. My son ran a marathon last year, so maybe I should at least show willing!!

I guess its motivation or lack of...but Im sure youre right in that attitudes change

Thank you for taking time to reply......Im going to have a look at the 5k scheme now! :-)


I found it was a good scheme for managing your motivation, it eases you in slowly. But I only lost 3lb while doing that, although others have lost more, we're all different. Am making more progress now I'm doing the NHS 12 week weight loss plan, and I continue to run too. Lots of luck for making the changes you want to make :)


Hi Ruth....the scheme looks great. Ive downloaded the first week. Seems pretty doable thanks!


Hi Yvonne, I'm just starting out too. Like you, weight has crept on over the last couple of years for me and I was shocked to step on the scales for the first time last week & discover I weigh 12 stone 4. Oddly my dress size hasn't really changed so I've been kidding myself I wasn't putting on weight but weighing myself has given me the kick I need and I started the 12 week plan on Tuesday.

I also feel sluggish and look for any excuse not to exercise - it's raining, I'm too tired, etc etc, so I am really trying to force myself to do it. As for eating - I am also struggling as I feel hungry a lot of the time and I'm not really sure how to combat that other than going to bed very early to avoid snacking before bed!!!! :)

Hopefully we will get into the swing of things and things will get easier. I'm inspired by some of the great stories I've read on here so maybe looking up some of those might give you some encouragement :)


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Hi Meme78, thank you very much for the message :-) I know what you mean about excuses! Ive downloaded the couch to 5k app and its look good...simple really, so I'm going to start day 1 this weekend.

I'm a terrible snacker... I love crisps and eat loads of toast, I think mainly out of boredom, so I picked up some ideas from this site about doing something else when bored.

This site is really great! I already feel motivated just by having some support. I've done well today, no extras, just healthy food. I'm also conscious that my servings are huge...got a really good appetite, Im just going to fill up on veg, lucky I love it!

Good luck and thanks again for your message, great to hear from you :-) xx

ps how have you managed to remain in the same dress size??? Ive gone up two sizes arggggg although Im trying to look at all this in terms of health rather than being a size 10, I just dont feel healthy carrying this extra weight around and I can feel the difference in my joints etc.


Gosh your posts resonate.

I too was shocked into action after finding out I had put on over two stone in 18 months. My reasons are all psychological and stress based (work, health etc) combined with LOVING food, portions, snacking, toast, crisps, you name it, I love it!


So we are all in this together. My inspiration came mainly from a girlfriend who has made a huge life change via slimming world. I started back in April and I don't know what my base line fatso weight was because I was too ashamed; first time I weighed myself I was 12st 7lbs and I nearly gave up. In fact I did give up! ... For a bit ...

But am now using the NHS planner as well as my own food/mood diary and on Monday I was 11st 5lb

Still more than I thought I was when I thought I was at my heaviest!

It seems my body dysmorphia is in reverse!

So it is hard it is long and it does mean a Lot of early nights but it is worth it ...

Go you

Go us!


Hi thank you for your message. Yes!! its a shocker isnt it, when a couple of pounds becomes a couple of stones!! Anyway, well done for doing something about it and congrats on getting to 11st 5! Ive yoyoed a bit with 2 or 3 pounds but Im determined now to put my mind to it and not the other stuff!

Were only human and sometimes all the stress and pressures of life lead to self medication with food, Im being kind to myself, I can do this, its not rocket science is it?

We can do this!!!

Good luck


Well I glad its not only me !!! I was like you size 8-10 around 7-8 stone even after my son's the weight just disappeared so lucky! Then I went through the menopause I thought I'd got through it very well - no hot flushes/ night sweats etc, I didn't notice the weight creeping on that was picked up at a routine Hospital check in November 2014. I WAS 12st 6lb I told the nurse 'that can't be right' the awful truth hit home. I'd never counted a calorie in my life before. I made some changes straight away I changed my milk from full fat to semi ( I was drinking a lot of Cappuccinos )and halved the amount I was drinking. I Used the calorie checker and went to smaller portions I dropped to 10st 3lb and I'm just inside a healthy weight and bmi 24.5. I've been stuck at this for about a month. I want to loose around 10lb so I've bought Zumba dvd's the music has great rhythm and its a lot of fun (My mate comes round for coffee a zumba wobble, we have a right laugh) When we have learn't the moves a bit better ( The instruction is very good ) we intend to join a class I have been doing a few of sessions and already I Can feel my body toning up. and I've lost another 2lbs. so maybe you could give this a go to.

I can honestly say I don't feel like I'm on a diet just watching what I eat and I'm dancing a few times a week not exercising and IT'S WORKING.


Hi GirlieMay, thank you for your message. No its not only you! I think I put weight on during the menopause. I have toyed with the idea of cutting down and exercising for a while now, but its taken the shock of hitting 11 stones to wake me up!

I have cut down too and lost a few pounds, you've done so well to get down to 10 3!! I know I need to do more than cut down, like you, Ive started exercising. I considered running, but Im a bit self conscious and it tends to hurt my knees. So Ive got an exercise bike. Its great, it counts distance, speed and calories!! So Ive found a spinning class on you tube for beginners and Im really enjoying it. So I suppose, like you say, its probably about finding some form of exercise that doesnt feel too much like hard work and is fun! Its great to hear that youre lifestyle changes are working!! Good luck and hang on in there!!


Hi Yvonneb

How are thing's going with you? I had to cut out the exercise for a couple of weeks due to a leg strain and I'm finding it hard to get into it again ( I'll do it later etc) but the weight is still coming down a bit slower now ! 9st 13lb BMI 23.8 must get back dancing lol


Hi GirlieMay

Sorry to hear about your injury hope youre feeling better now. I've started the 5:2 diet, I read about it after seeing someones post on this site. I remember hearing about the Horizon programme a while ago, but at that time, I wasnt too interested in losing weight. Anyway, after watching the programme, by Dr Michael Mosley, I was encouraged to try it. He was looking at the health benefits of fasting and the 5:2 seemed to be the easiest way to fast. So for two days you can have 500 calaries and that's it, the benefits come from being hungry! and boy are you hungry! but you can eat whatever you want on the other 5 days, so no calorie counting or messing about every day, its simple. I did my "fast" day yesterday and today Ive lost a total of 6 pounds from starting. The weight drops very slowly, it kind of averages out over the week, but there is a definite drop. Anyway, talking about fasting, considering I did mine yesterday, Im going to have my breakfast!! At 9st 13lb I would be very happy, I'm 10 8 but Im happy now it's slowly coming down.

Take care Yvonne


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