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Please join me if you are not on a diet

I think those who are losing weight by dieting are doing great. Well done guys. But history has proved I just can't do it.

I would like to respond to those people who have tried lots of diets and don't want gadgets, weighings, counting daily calories etc.

I can relate to you if you are trying to make life changing healthier food for life coupled with increased excercise . And don't worry too much if you have off days. Starting again tomorrow with more exercise will help.

I have done diets so many times and I struggled.

My hopes for weight loss will take much longer but I am looking a lot slimmer in photos than I was last year and I have gone down one dress size too.

So if this is for you please share your experience.


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Hello, I'm also trying to lose weight without being on a "diet". I've lost a stone since March and have just over two stone still to go. I've lost weight quicker before on a strict calorie count but then something stressful would happen, I wouldn't be able to stick to it and back would come the junk food and the bigger jeans! This time I'm trying to focus on nourishing food, relying less on starchy carbs which are my go-to comfort food, and concentrating on lots of veggies, good quality protein and moderate amounts of healthy fats. I'm also trying to find ways of coping with stress which don't involve food, and walking (limited to 6/7 miles due to foot arthritis) is an amazing way of improving stress reduction. I'm hoping this time the weight will stay off as I'm starting to tackle the cause of bad eating and not just the effects. Thank you for the post. Good luck to you x


Hi my friend, you are talking like me and I am looking for a group of like minded people. Well done on your weight loss .

You mention stress. I had an off day this week, I was out of routine for a few days while I had visitors. As soon as they had gone I was eating cake!

But today I am here looking for inspiration to keep on track.

Everyone here has something in common , I am grateful for this community and I hope they find encouragement and success.

Good luck to you too!


Hi, yes I understand what you are saying. I too have dieted for more years than I care to remember. I am always hungry! Last night I had soup, fish, potatoes, green beans and grilled tomatoes and finished with a bowl of fresh pineapple and blueberries. At the time I felt satisfied, before bedtime I was getting hunger pangs, real ones, it came on slowly and became more uncomfortable over the course of the evening. I drink lots of water and black tea so I doubt it is thirst. I did resist last night but in the long term I do find I indulge my appetite when it calls as though it were a over-indulged child. I want to be at peace with my body and give it what it needs rather than what it wants. What I don't seem to be able to do is determine what it is and why it complains when I give it a good balanced diet


Hello all, I think that following a healthy eating plan is better than dieting. I try to listen to my body, and eat when I am hungry, if I want a little more then I have it. I just try and make sure that I eat a nourishing diet. Lots of fruit, vege, as well as good quality carbs, and protein. If I want something I will have it! So far I have managed to lose a little weight, without having to starve myself. I think that this coupled with exercise; mainly walking, (sometimes indoors as my vertigo can sometimes make exercise difficult) yoga, and pilates is the way to go. Sometimes I do a little Tai Chi as this does help to lubricate the joints. I view this as a long term, life long plan. Managing stress is vital too. So a more holistic approach is what I am aiming for. This has taken the pressure off me. I hope to let you know how I get on. Keep it up!


Hi missy

It's good to meet you, I think we have the same attitude for the future ok. I see you arrived here 2 yrs ago. Now you are back.

How is it going? I hope you are feeling well.

do you still use your DVD?

All the best


Hello Popgoes, Not doing to badly thanks having just finished my yoga class. I try and do two classes a week as well as pilates supplemented by my DVDs which are really good, and I do work up a little sweat too lol! If I don't have time then I walk 20 minutes to the station, and walk up stairs to work (6 flights). Deciding to get off the dieting bandwagon is going well for me as I feel less stressed about my weight. Taking a long term view is better for me. Using this site to compare notes is also a great help. Take it easy!!!


That's a lot of exercise! Wow! Those 6 flights should do you good! I don't think I ever get to work up a sweat, I have recently decided to add some fast lengths into my 45 minute swim. So I do get puffed out a bit.



Hi popgoes! I feel exactly the same.

I don't want to shock my system and try *another* fad diet so rather I am trying to be healthier. Increasing my exercise and lowering my portion size and sugar in take. With the help of NHS and staying away from shops as much as possible.

Every time I start a diet I fail and so I will never diet again, I want to rather change my habits slowly so that they stick.

Not finding it as easy as it sounds though!!

My mantra at the moment is "is it nutritionally sound?" And "are you eating because you are hungry or for some other reason?" Ie bored, depressed, just want something sweet etc.

One thing I've found that has helped is buying a crate of veggies. I hate food going off and so a huge crate of veg has to be eaten... Much healthier than a crate of anything else!

Can't wait to share this journey with everyone and hopefully finally get the support I need to make healthy life changes...

Who needs a diet? Amirite? ;)



'Hugs too, Natalie,

There are lots of situations where folks have been triggered by something difficult in their lives. Growing up with someone who has an eating disorder must have had an affect on you too.

We are here to be supportive and work for a healthier future for life.

I began by looking what life changing choices I had been doing already.

1) I love cream and if I had the choice I would drink only full fat milk. I drink every day and so I only ever buy skimmed milk and this is something I can live with for the rest of my life.

2) I have tried to eat less butter, by doing without and finding an alternative or by spreading it very thinly. I can live with this.


I began by buying a new swim suit.

First I could manage a 25 minute swim , I have gradually increased it over a period of months to 45 minutes.

At first I averaged once a week, then I averaged twice a week, now I try to fit in 3 times and this is what is making a difference.

So it's basically taking manageable small steps and sticking to it until it becomes a way of life.

Let me know how you are getting on ok.



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