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Printable weekly chart?

Hi folks,

Is there somewhere I can get just the weekly charts to print, rather than each weekly plan or the whole 12 week thing? You know, to save the planet and to make it easier than opening each week separately and asking the computer to only print 1 of x pages, or opening the full 12 week plan and figuring out which pages are the ones I need.

If not, I'd suggest this would be a clever idea!

Thanks for any help

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I just saved one sheet on my desktop and kept printing it....

Hope this helps.


That's my back up plan! I should probably scan through quickly and make sure they don't change, but from my first glance I thought each weekly chart was basically the same. Thanks.


You could just select the number of the pages with the charts on and print those off, quite easy to do.


I do as Corrine1. Just print what you need.


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