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End of week 2

Start: 13st 11lbs

Week 1: 13st 10lbs

Week 2: 13st 7.5lbs

2.5lbs lost this week - really pleased, much better than last week even though I've been doing much the same, perhaps it takes a while to get the ball rolling. I feel like this week is going to be tough - I have a stinking cold and would like nothing more than curling up with a packet of maltesers in front of the TV! I'm sticking to the grapes and strawberries though... Fingers crossed I'm better by Sunday as I'm running the Bristol 10k.... eek!

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That is good steady progress, slowly means you are more likely to achieve your goal and KEEP IT OFF. So many people fail because they want to see a stone off in a fortnight or whatever, then they give up because it doesn't happen

I lost my excess 2 stone over 9 months, slowly ! And Im now maintaining my goal weight , BMI 23, and buying my new size 12 summer clothes. The best part is that I still eat cake, chocolate, wine but I now know when to stop and I allow for it in my weekly total. I still watch what I eat , but I only weigh myself twice a month now.

Good luck with your progress.


Thank you for the reply! Sometimes it does feel a bit slow going but when I think of it as loosing the 2 and a half stone by October it certainly doesn't seem too slow. Congratulations on your weight loss! I'd love to feel a bit lighter for summer and that's whats pushing me through. Nothing tastes as good as thin feels! ;) It's good to know you can still have the odd indulgence, but like you say knowing when to stop or say no is the key!


👍You'll get there!


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