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Reached my 'minimum' weight loss target!

Half way through week 12, and now weigh 58.4 kilograms (9 stone 2.5 lbs)! I am so happy! My 'maximum' weight loss target is to lose 10.7kg in total to be 57.3 kilograms/ 9 stone, so I may carry on until I've shed another 1.1 kilograms and reached that, even if takes longer htan the 12 weeks. Thank you everyone for your support and encouragement on here, it has really helped me keep on track through the odd day of gluttony and when I seemed to not lose ANY weight once or twice for a 2-3 week period!!!!! Good luck with the rest of your journeys!

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Brilliant, well done! 👍🌸


Well done! Am feeling a bit inadequate now as you have lost loads more than me in a shorter timescale :( Best get my skates on!


Oh no! If you add the total time I've been trying to shift weight, it's actually taken me a couple of decades! I didn't diet properly the last and final twelth week (i.e. last week), so I'm carrying on for another week or so. A bit dishearteningly my weight was 59.2 kg yesterday, but this morning after being really strict yesterday, it's 58.1 kg again, i.e. it dropped over a kilogram over night! I really believe your weight fluctuates say 1-2 kilograms a week due to variations in water retention. I had some Doritos last weekend as a 'treat', what a mistake. I think the salt content is really high and causes a lot of retention. I'm going to avoid salt as much as possible (to be honest I think I don't have too much anyway due to past blood pressure issues, but I think I'm being scuppered by 'hidden' salt). My belly definitely got rounder! Good luck achieving your goals, I'm sure you can do it!


Wow a kilo in one day is an awful lot but I have noticed a similar pattern when over indulging in salty food.

I weighed in at 61.6kg this morning which is a 6.5kg loss overall. I don't really have an overall target and will go by what I look like. I've joined the gym and am hoping that will tone my upper arms and my thighs but I do need to shift some fat from my stomach.

Well done on achieving your target and good luck with keeping it off.


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