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Lunchtime ideas

Hello everyone!

I know it can be really tempting to have a mid-week-crave-binge but i pleed do not! try to mix n match your lunchtime meals to make it more exciting and less repetitive!

Today for lunch i'm having 2 slices of mini wholemeal bread with 1/4 of an avocado sliced and lightly sprinkled with black pepper.. its DELICIOUS & only 191kcal!!

Have you got any interesting lunch ideas?

Babkcal x

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Spanish omelette, soups and salads are my stock lunches to take into work


that sounds great yummy.. I've never had a spanish omelette before, what goes into it?


Onion and potato. I also add roasted peppers (which I've roasted in the oven with that 1 calorie spray)


Ooo i'm going to try this! Thanks :)


Avocado on warm toast is my favourite, no need for butter- that's what I had for lunch today. I like more avocado, less toast.

Also a packet of shredded cooked beetroot and stir in whatever other healthy stuff you like, eg. seeds, radishes, tomatoes, blob of humous...


I am so jealous. Because I have kidney disease I'm not allowed to eat avocado, and it is one of the few things I really crave.

My favourite weekend lunch is a poached egg on toast, which is yummy and very satisfying.


I sometimes cook for my father-in-law who's on dialysis so I can see how restrictive it is. Good for you for coping with that and eating healthily!


That's a real shame, what other healthy fats do you have in place of avocado? mmmm poached egg, a skill to master but when done properly is soo good! I'll be sure to add this to my lunchtime-to-eats! :)


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