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Day 1

Brand new to this community. Want to lose 4 stone but constantly tired. I'm 24, female and 14 stone 3lbs. I don't think I'm particularly unhealthy, I walk most places, work is fairly active and days off I'm never off my feet but over the past 2 years I've been gradually piling on the pounds :(. Trouble is after a day of work I'm so emotionally and mentally drained I can't be bothered doing anything but sit on the sofa with an easy oven cook meal (open packet, bung it in, serve up). HELP! I can't put another pound on!

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Hi I started in the same boat as you a month ago, I had tried all the fad diets and none of them helped me loose weight and keep it off. I have put on 20kg in the last 2 years after having my son, like you, I used to eat a lot of ready meals, junk food, sugary snaks, takeaways.

In the last 4 weeks I have lost 5kg, (could have lost a lot more if I exercised but when I get a minute to my self I don't want to do anything 😂🙈) I have done this by just cutting out all the junks food, sugary snaks and takeaways. I just drink water, always make sure I have breakfast.( ok so no one is perfect, I have have 2 Chinese buffets, and a few chocolate bars😁) but don't beat yourself up over it when you slip up just carry on the next day, maybe be extra good the next day?

I have downloaded my fitness pal, it will help you work out your calorie intake for the day and you can record everything you eat. Also try downloading the nhs 12 week health plan, personal I haven't followed it as I want to make a lifestyle change for musket and my family.

Good luck. Take it day by day, no one can change over night without surgry. Stick to it and you will start to see a difference and always remember why you are doing it.

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I would recommend using myfitnesspal too. Log everything that you eat you will be surprised at how it stops you over eating. That is if you are honest of course. I put on 4 stone after my boys and am gradually getting the weight off. Have lost 13 kilos in the last 18 months. I know you said that when you get in you aren't up for exercise but I have found the running plan Couch to 5k is brilliant. Before I started I wouldn't have even run for a bus! Love it now and it is a great stress buster. Good luck :)


I was like you almost 2 years ago, I was 14st 2lbs, tired, shattered, miserable, and bmi was over 36!

I gave up dieting and started focusing on my lifestyle. Got fresh air every day, meditated, took time for family, exercised! A lot! And hard. It has transformed me. I am now between 11st5lbs and 11st 7lbs depending on when I weigh. I'm happy, healthy and motivated to carry on.

I found happyhealthyapp.com a big help. It was advertised in an Nhs choices magazine. Its fab.

I go on about it So much to friends I should get commission. lol.

Push through the tiredness. Really push, and transformation is on the other side. I promise. x


I suffer from tiredness a lot as well. I have found the following really helps:-

- cut out caffeine

- go to bed early and get up early

- exercising

- don't look at the clock when you wake up in the middle of the night

- no tv/laptops etc in the bedroom

- cutting out sugar

- getting some fresh air

- taking VegEPA supplements vegepaclub.com/

Remember if you want to lost weight that just eating healthily will only help to maintain weight; you need to do more than this to lose.

Good luck



I started a couple or so weeks ago.

I have a notebook and, in the front, record calories for different foods. In the back, I keep a written account of everything I eat ( working on the premise that "what goes in, goes on!")

By seeing every little thing I keep motivated.

Do allow yourself a treat too though or it will become boring and you'll lapse.

Thus forum also really helps as we're all working on lifestyle change together.



Thank you for all of your responses. It's encouraging to know that other people have got through this. I have a long way to go but think I'm ready to go one day at a time. Don't expect any quick fixes but can't wait to see some progress as I think will be the best motivator. I got the all clear from physiotherapist today to go back to the gym 😀


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