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No weight loss

I've downloaded the NHS 12 week programme but it says nothing that I haven't been doing myself for months. I eat at or below the recommended calorie intake, I am at the gym a minimum of three days a week doing strength training and have been walking for 30 mins a day. I have no started a c25k to prepare for Race for Life. I am 4 stone over weight and in the past 4 months that I've been tracking my food diary and workout routines I haven't lost a single pound, nor have I lost any inches anywhere on my body.

Surely this isn't right. Any suggstions?

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Possibly change style of diet. I noticed a significant change when I dieted 6 months ago. I changed from high carb to low carb with lots of veg and protein and lost 6lbs in three weeks. It stayed off even though I fell off the wagon!! Started again now so hope to see a similar effect.


A high-protein diet isn't healthy either. An excess of protein can be turned to glucose with harmful side-products including ammonia and uric-acid.

The solution is to eat more natural fat.


Do you make sure that you way each portion correctly? I am rubbish at guessing amounts and when I actually started weighing my food I discovered that I had been wildly overestimating what a portion was.


I measure food on a scale and am very obsessive about portion control as it was once a big problem :P

I also look carefully at my macros and don't go too heavy on the carbs and balance out the protein based on my weight training needs (according to the calculators on If It Fits Your Macros website)


You've had a couple of good replies already Skittycat and I just want to recommend the Dukan diet, which is a low-fat, low carb, no sugar diet. It sounds harsh, especially when you walk in the supermarket and know that most of the food it stocks you can't eat.

But if you like meat, fish and eggs, low fat Greek yogurt, lean grilled bacon and oat bran (can buy in Tescos) made into porridge, you're onto a winner. After a few days you can add veg, preferably green veg and salad. No potatoes or starchy stuff. You never go hungry and the weight drops off. Try it for a week to see if it helps.


See reply to Max112 above.


You may have become insulin resistant, in which case you need to alter what you eat, rather than lower your calories. Have a look for the posts by OlsBean on weight loss and Low Carb diet.

I have to avoid processed carbs, like most breakfast cereals, and get my carbs from veg. This is one site I find useful, although I don't think you need to eat the amount of protein recommended, unless you are a body builder.


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Cheers for the comments and suggestions

I'm doing a reasonable amount of strength training and building on my personal bests at each gym visit so I'm aware of my macro intake to go along with that. Keeping protein at between 0.8 and 1g per pound of lean mass and trying to keep carbs within a reasonable ratio. I'm not at very very low carbs right now as I'm also doing cardio training and I'm trying to keep a balance of not losing lean muscle mass. I tried low carb and it made no difference to my fat loss.

I'm at the point of trying a 5:2 fasting diet as a last resort.

My breakfast usually consists of porridge (25g oats with 10g sultanas and skimmed milk)

Lunch is a pile of stir fry veg and some lean protein (prawns, chicken or tofu)

Dinner is lean protein and veg (had been no starches with dinner since February but started again last week)

I have a few snacks during the day as my calorie intake allows (oatcakes, 2 squares of 70% cocoa chocolate, handful of grapes, some crackers on an evening) but after my dinner at 5pm I generally have used under 1000 (generally about 800/900) calories.

My doctor did the usual assumption that I have either lied or misrepresented my calorie intake. I try to allow for discrepancies when logging (I use My Fitness Pal and being user defined I know it can suffer from inaccuracies)

Seriously this is doing my head in. I've always struggled with weight as I'm clearly an endomorph body type but I've never failed to lose *anything* at all for this long and I feel like I'm trying so damned hard >_<


What 12 week program? I do not see anything stating there is a program I can try?


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